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Comparing AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
Cloud Career

Comparison of AWS vs Azure vs Google

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies develop applications. Most of the modern applications are now cloud native. Undoubtedly, the...
Load Balanced Architecture Lab
AWS Tutorials

Load Balanced Architecture with Advanced Request Routing

One of the main challenges when learning Cloud Computing is to build hands-on experience. When learning only the theory, one...
Security on AWS
Amazon Web Services

Security on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

When configuring your environment on the AWS Cloud, one of (if not the most important thing) you can do is...
Cost Cutting on AWS
Amazon Web Services

How to save money on Amazon Web Services

If your costs are not managed properly, cloud deployments can be very expensive. The Cloud has been heralded as a...
Amazon AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda Versions and Aliases

Serverless computing has been on the rise the last few years, and whilst there is still a large number of...
AWS DynamoDB WCU and RCU
Amazon Web Services

Calculating WCU and RCU for AWS DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a pivotal part of the AWS ecosystem, and understanding how it works can be a tremendous aid to...
NACL vs AWS Security Groups
Amazon Web Services

AWS Security Group vs NACL – Key Differences

There are significant protections provided to you natively when you are building your networking stack on AWS. This wide range...
Cloud Security
Amazon Web Services

Cloud Security Comparison – AWS vs Azure

Within any deployment and across any and all cloud providers - Security is job zero! This means that above all...
Amazon Web Services

AWS Networking – ENI vs EFA vs ENA

There is no stopping Amazon Web Services (AWS) from innovating, improving, and ensuring the customer gets the best experience possible...
AWS Lambda Use Cases
Amazon Web Services

The 10 Best AWS Lambda Use Cases

AWS Lambda is a powerful service that has in recent years elevated AWS to be the leader in not only...
AWS Security Group
Amazon Web Services

What is a Security Group in AWS?

In the world of Cloud Computing, Security is always job zero. This means that we design everything with Security in...
Optimising AWS Costs
Amazon Web Services

What does AWS mean by Cost Optimization?

There are many things that AWS actively try to help you with - and cost optimization is one of them....
AWS Cloud Disaster Recovery
Amazon Web Services

Disaster Recovery in the AWS Cloud

When you are building applications in the AWS cloud, you have to go to painstaking lengths to make your applications...
Compare AWS Simple Workflow vs AWS Step Functions vs Apache Airflow
Amazon Web Services

AWS Simple Workflow vs AWS Step Functions vs Apache Airflow

There are a number of different services and products on the market which support building logic and processes within your...
What is AWS Step Function?
Amazon Web Services

AWS Step Functions

There are many trends within the current cloud computing industry that have a sway on the conversations which take place...
Comparing Amazon RedShift Spectrum to Amazon Athena
Amazon Web Services

Amazon RedShift Spectrum vs Amazon Athena

Today, the currency of a large number of technology companies, is data. We are producing more data than ever through...
Comparing aws, google, azure certifications
AWS Certification

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Certifications – Which Is Better?

With so much competition both in the job market and in the world of Cloud Computing, it is tough to...
AWS Services Security
Amazon Web Services

AWS Secrets Manager vs SSM Parameter Store

If you want to be an AWS cloud professional, you need to understand the differences between the myriad of services...
Comparing AWS CloudFormation Terraform
Amazon Web Services

AWS CloudFormation vs Terraform

In the modern world of Cloud Computing, developers and builders are always looking for a more iterative, secure and reliable...
AWS Control Tower
Amazon Web Services

What is AWS Control Tower?

A multi-account strategy in AWS can provide you with a secure and isolated platform from which to launch your resources....
Elastic Beanstalk versus CloudFormation versus OpsWorks
Amazon Web Services

Elastic Beanstalk vs CloudFormation vs OpsWorks

There is great power in using automation and AWS managed services to offload the heavy lifting in application building and...
New AWS ANS-C01 Exam
AWS Certification

AWS ANS-C01 – The NEW AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exam

The new AWS ANS-C01 exam for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty certification was released (in beta) in January 2022....
AWS EC2 Tutorial
AWS Tutorials

How to launch a web server on EC2

One of the cornerstones of the AWS Cloud is the EC2 service. EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a managed service...
AWS News
Amazon Web Services

What’s New at AWS?

Here at Digital Cloud Training, we are aware of how important it is to keep up with the latest releases...