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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will hopefully answer any question you may have.
If you have any other questions not addressed in our FAQs, please join the discussion on Slack.

- Getting Started -

This really depends on your background and career goals. Please read the following article which will help you to decide:

With our instructor-led courses, there is NO need for previous AWS cloud experience as we’ll teach you the foundations of cloud computing. For those with limited IT background, we recommend getting started with the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam. Beginners are very welcome – as all of our entry-level courses are designed with non-techies and newcomers to the cloud in mind.

Our courses are suitable for

  • Students preparing for the AWS Certified exams who want to pass with confidence at first attempt
  • Anyone who is keen to take their AWS Cloud Career and salary to the next level with an AWS certification
  • Professionals who want to learn how to leverage the benefits of the AWS Cloud to demonstrate strong capability with AWS to (future) employers

Yes, we regularly update all of the content of our training courses, practice exams and training notes to reflect the latest AWS changes.

Yes, we have compiled a range for free AWS Training Resources for the AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Developer Associate – including free video tutorials, practice questions and training notes. 

If you purchase directly from the digital cloud training platform, you get access to additional features such as extra learning modes (knowledge reviews and training mode) for practice questions.

While we don’t control Udemy’s pricing strategy (which varies from country to country), you may find that our packaged training courses are more affordable than purchasing individual courses on Udemy

If you prefer buying our courses from Udemy, you can find the most recent coupon codes here.

Neal is very active on social media. He’s always delighted to see his students share their AWS success with the community on Facebook or LinkedIn. Feel free to join these groups and follow him on LinkedInTwitter or Instagram.  Please keep in mind that Neal’s inboxes on social media aren’t monitored.

- Studying for your exam -

You’ll find the link for the course downloads in the last lecture of section 1 titled “Course Download”.

Exam Mode: In exam simulation mode, you complete one full-length practice exam (out of the total of 6 sets) and answer all 65 questions within the allotted time. You are then presented with a pass / fail score report showing your overall score and performance in each knowledge area to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Training Mode: When taking the practice exam in training mode, you will be shown the answers and explanations for every question after clicking “check”. Upon completion of the exam, the score report will show your overall score and performance in each knowledge area.

Knowledge Reviews: Now that you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you get to dive deep into specific areas with our knowledge reviews. You are presented with a series of questions focussed on a specific topic. There is no time limit and you can view the answer to each question as you go through them.

Final Exam Simulator: The exam simulator randomly selects 65 questions from our pool of over 500 unique questions – mimicking the real AWS exam environment. The practice exam has the same format, style, time limit and passing score as the real AWS exam.

For technical questions, please join the discussion on Slack. You will be asked for your email address and will be sent an invite. Once there, join the course specific channel.

For sales related questions, including account issues and refunds, contact us at

Please note that messages on social media aren’t monitored.

If you purchased on Udemy, please use the Udemy Q&A forum. 

Note: Please search the forum for previous threads that may answer your question before posting.

Click here to join us on Slack. You will be asked for your email address and will be sent an invite. Once there, join the course specific channel.

All of our practice tests use randomized questions and answers so please copy the text of the question (not the number) and submit your feedback here:

Yes, you can. When taking the practice exam in training mode, you will be shown the answers and explanations for every question after clicking “check”. The same applies to the knowledge reviews where you are presented with a series of questions on a specific topic.

To review questions at the end of a practice exam, choose “Review questions”.

Please use either an SSH tool or the Putty tool. For connecting. Please use this AWS article for instructions.

Please follow the instructions in this AWS article for your operating system.

Please make sure you’re using the latest code from the course download. Make sure you’re copying the code exactly including all formatting and line breaks.

Also, check the following (where applicable):

– Ensure you have a role that provides S3 read access

– Check the S3 path/file specified exists and is accessible

– The EC2 instance has a security group assigned that allows HTTP inbound on port 80 or 443 from any source (

– The EC2 instance has a public IP or has access to a NAT Gateway (if in a private subnet)

Check the following:

–  The user data (if applicable) has run correctly – login to EC2 and check that Apache is running and the /var/www/html directory has an index.html file

– The security group for EC2 and ELB is setup correctly to allow the relevant ports and protocols (HTTP/HTTPS)

– The health check configuration is configured correctly with port / protocol / path – try removing the path so it’s just a slash, e.g. /

AWS are making constant, usually minor, changes to the UI. We try to keep our videos up to date but sometimes there will be some differences in what you see due to the pace of change. Most of the time the changes are minor and you can work around them. If there are major changes please let us know and we’ll update the video.

Course-specific questions

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Absolutely! We have many students coming from diverse backgrounds including non-technical roles. It is definitely achievable even if you’re new to IT and cloud computing.

AWS Solutions Architect Exam Training

Yes, you can. Though it may be advisable to start with the Cloud Practitioner certification, many students go straight to the Solutions Architect Associate. We’ve had students pass who don’t have any AWS experience.

Yes, we’ve added over 100 new videos and practice questions to cover topics specific to the SAA-C02.

New topics include Amazon FSx, High-Performance Computing, Amazon Aurora, AWS Global Accelerator, AWS Organizations, AWS Resource Access Manager, AWS Database Migration Service and AWS DataSync.

AWS Certified Developer Associate

No. You do not need to have a development or programming background to do this course or pass the exam. Everything you need is within the course. For the Developer Associate exam you need to be able to read some simple code snippets but don’t need to be able to write code.

There are no prerequisites for taking the AWS Developer Associate exam. So you can sign-up for this certification straight away if you like. No need to take the AWS Solutions Architect Associate first.

Yes, all code is supplied in the course download that can be accessed using the link in the last lecture of section 1 titled “Course Download”.

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