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New to the AWS cloud? Then this entry-level certification is for you

Cloud Practitioner


Got basic experience with AWS? Then go for these Associate-level AWS certifications





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Individual Courses

Video Course – Practice Exam Courses – Training Notes (PDF)

Introduction to AWS [for Beginners]

Learn general cloud computing concepts and the basics of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

14 Sections

Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS for Beginners

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7 Sections

AWS Business Essentials

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner [Foundational Level]

New to the AWS cloud? Then this certification is for you!

AWS Certified Solutions Architect [Associate Level]

Got basic experience with AWS? Then go for this most popular AWS certification!

AWS Certified Developer [Associate Level]

Want to learn how to architect and build applications on AWS? Then pick this certification!

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator [Associate Level]

Learn how to deploy, manage & operate scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant systems on AWS

AWS Solutions Architect [Professional Level]

Ready to take your AWS knowledge to the next level? Then go for this PRO AWS certification!

AWS MasterClasses [Deep Dive]

Deep dive into specific topics to develop a strong, practical understanding that you can use in your job

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Video Courses

Get started with our instructor-led video courses - delivered through practical hands-on labs and in-depth theory. Backed by high-quality diagrams and references, you'll earn how to architect and build solutions on Amazon Web Services in no time

Practice Exams

All Practice Tests are delivered in 4 modes: Check your answers after each question in training mode, simulate an exam (timed and scored) and dive deep into specific areas with in-depth knowledge reviews. Assess your exam-readiness with the final exam simulator

Training Notes

Take your studies offline with these ultimate cheat sheets for the AWS exam. These bestselling eBooks (PDF) encompass detailed facts, tables, and diagrams – everything you need to know to fast-track your AWS exam success and pass 1st time

How to best prepare for your AWS Certification exam

Follow this AWS learning path to successfully get AWS Certified and build AWS Cloud Skills

Enroll in Instructor-led Video Course

Familiarize yourself with the AWS platform

Take our AWS Practice Exams

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and assess your exam readiness

Study Training Notes

Focus your study on the knowledge areas where you need to most

Get AWS Certified

This pathway will let you pass your AWS exam first time with confidence

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The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is $100 USD, the Associate-level exams are $150 USD and the Professional-level and Specialty exams are $300 USD. For more details, visit

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