Boost your AWS Exam Prep with Free AWS Practice Questions

Practice exams are key to ensure you successfully pass your AWS certification exam. Once you become familiar with the AWS exam pattern and difficulty, you’re in a perfect position to ace your AWS exam with confidence.

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The Value of AWS Practice Exams​

AWS mock exams help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you know where to focus your study when preparing for your AWS certification exam. 

To give you a taste of our popular AWS practice exams, we have compiled free practice questions for each AWS certification. While you’ll find a few AWS sample quiz questions directly on our pages, you’ll need to sign up for a free account to access our free AWS practice tests and other sample content on our learning platform.

Unlike our online exam simulator, these free AWS practice questions are not timed – so you can take as much time as required to answer each question. At the end of the free AWS practice test, you get to review your answers and find detailed explanations why each answer is wrong or right along with reference links for each AWS exam question. 

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Build and test your AWS knowledge with these Free Exam Questions for AWS Certifications

Practice makes perfect! While these free AWS practice exams are a great starting point – to best prepare for your exam, we highly recommend enrolling in our in-depth training courses that will thoroughly prepare you for the real AWS exam and ensure your exam success. Included in our library of cloud courses are our high-quality practice exams in both training and exam simulation mode.

When enrolling in our practice exam courses, you get to assess your exam readiness with full-length practice tests that reflect the difficulty of the Amazon Web Services exam questions and are the most similar to the real AWS exam experience available.

Our exam simulator includes exam-difficulty practice questions that are timed and scored and the closest to the real AWS exam. With these popular AWS practice tests, you’ll know when you are ready to pass your AWS exam. 

How to best prepare for your AWS Certification Exam


KEY TRAINING ADVICE: Although the actual AWS exam has a pass mark of 70-75%, we recommend that you repeatedly retake our AWS practice exams until you consistently score 80% or higher. We encourage you to put in the work and study the training notes in detail. Once you achieve the recommended score in the practice tests – you are ready to sit the exam and achieve a great score!

AVOID EXAM DUMPS: Though we match the AWS exam pattern, our AWS practice exams are NOT brain dumps. Please don’t expect to pass the real AWS certification exam by simply memorizing answers. Instead, we encourage you to use our AWS practice exams to deepen your knowledge. This is your best chance to successfully pass your exam no matter what questions appear in your exam. If still in doubt, check out our blog article on “Why you should avoid AWS Exam Dumps“.

AWS STUDY TIPS: Getting AWS certified requires a lot of revision and hard work. To help you achieve your goal, we’re compiled 12 AWS study tips that will help you to successfully pass your AWS Certification Exams. The study formula includes actionable recommendations, techniques and strategies – some of which are specific to AWS certifications while others are more generic in learning effectively. Check out these AWS study tips to increase your odds of passing AWS certification exams: AWS Study tips for passing AWS Certification Exams.

AWS Training and AWS Certifications are required in most IT job roles today. In fact, Amazon Web Services is the premier provider of cloud computing services. Our popular AWS Practice Tests and AWS on-demand video courses have been created to help you gain a competitive advantage and ensure you pass your AWS certification exams with absolute confidence.