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Tips on how to pass AWS Exam

Keen to get AWS certified and pass your exam the first time? Then these AWS study tips for passing AWS Certification Exams are for you. As a matter of fact, AWS certification exams are not an easy task – getting AWS certified requires a lot of revision and hard work. To help you achieve your goal, we’re happy to share 12 AWS study tips that will help you to successfully pass your AWS Certification Exams.

The study formula includes actionable recommendations, techniques and strategies – some of which are specific to AWS certifications while others are more generic in learning effectively. Follow these AWS study tips to increase your odds of passing AWS certification exams.

Study Tip 1: Watch online video-based training

The best way to get started on your path towards achieving AWS Certifications Exams is to watch instructor-led online videos that give you a basic understanding of the technology. In fact, online video-based training is one of the best ways of learning the fundamentals for your AWS certification. While watching the videos, your expert instructor will not only guide you through the technology but will also point out useful strategies for passing your exam.

Study Tip 2: Assess your knowledge with Practice Tests

The second essential step is to use practice questions to measure your knowledge and learn how to answer exam questions. Stay clear of dumps and invest in high-quality AWS Practice Questions that are based on the latest AWS exam blueprint and question format. The popular practice exams from Digital Cloud Training prepare you for the style and difficulty of the AWS exam and help you to identify areas of weakness where you require further study.

Study Tip 3: Deep dive into AWS facts

The next step towards excelling in AWS certification exams is to read up on the detailed facts about each service that you are expected to know for the exam. To save you time, Digital Cloud Training provides exam-specific training notes (= cheat sheets) that summarize the most important facts from the AWS documentation. Get straight to the facts you need to know to successfully pass your exam – available online or for download (PDF).

Study Tip 4: Take action – one step at a time

This is one of the most important of our AWS study tips as without having a plan and executing it, you’ll not achieve your goals. The best way to reach a big goal is to break it down into manageable and achievable steps. To get started, work out how much free time you can dedicate to study on a daily basis. Then estimate how long you’re going to need to complete the course using your daily study time. Be realistic and set yourself a deadline to be ready for your exam. Take action and make sure you stick to your plan without making excuses.

BONUS Tip: Download your FREE Study Plan

To set you up for success, we’ve prepared an AWS Study Plan for you. Download your free Study Plan for the AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Developer Associate, AWS SysOps Administrator Associate or AWS Solutions Architect Professional and follow this guideline to successfully prepare for your AWS exam. For best results, allocate ~60min each day (plus a little extra on weekends).

Study Tip 5:  Allocate study time in your calendar

Identify and stick to a time of day that you will devote to studying. Whether you’re an early riser who likes to study first thing in the morning or a night owl that learns best when others are asleep – make sure to work with your natural preference.  You’ll find your study sessions are more productive and easier to stick to if you schedule in your study at a time when you’re performing at your peak. Make study part of your daily routine and set aside sufficient time for learning and understanding the AWS concepts.

Study Tip 6: Participate in online discussions

Online learning doesn’t necessarily mean learning in isolation. The Slack channel from Digital Cloud Training or our discussion groups on Facebook and Linkedin are great places to ask questions about all things AWS related and meet your AWS fellows.  Enhance your learning experience by participating actively in discussions and answering questions, offering your input and sharing your study tips and exam experience.

Study Tip 7: Keep yourself accountable

Set goals at the beginning of the course and check-in with yourself on a regular basis. Having a community and support network of friends to keep the motivation going can also make a big difference. So, go ahead and tell your friends about the AWS training courses you’re enrolled in and post your achievements to your social media accounts.
If you’re having trouble holding yourself responsible, pair up with an AWS study buddy or ask a friend to be your accountability partner. By being organized and proactive, you will get the most from your online courses.

Study Tip 8: Create a dedicated space for learning

To help your brain to switch into study mode and to recall information, pick a place where you study and remove any distraction from that space. Ideally, make it separate from your bedroom or TV room to better focus and make your learning more effective.

Study Tip 9: Take breaks

To study efficiently and consistently, take regular breaks. These short 5-10min breaks will keep you awake and focused – allowing you to put in longer hours. Whenever you find yourself getting distracted or stuck – take a break and get away from your study area. You may get new ideas after taking a walk outside. After studying for a longer period of time, make sure to rest your brain and get adequate sleep.

Study Tip 10: Stay healthy and energized

Generally speaking, it’s of utter importance to pay attention to your health and energy levels – not just when studying for the AWS certification exam. Sleep and hydration are vital while eating well provides you with the energy required to focus on your AWS studies. Take the time to exercise which will make you physically and mentally stronger and fitter.

Study Tip 11: Enjoy the process and have fun

You’re much more likely to put in hours and hours of studying if you generally enjoy the process. Learning should be a rewarding activity in itself. Study for personal enrichment as well as to pass your AWS certification exam. Most importantly, remember why you decided to pursue the AWS certification in the first place. Get back in touch with that motivation so it can fuel you through the entire exam prep phase and beyond.

Study Tip 12: Reward yourself for success

The last of our AWS study tips is no less important than all of the others. Putting in solid hours of self-directed learning requires discipline and can be hard going. Therefore, celebrate every time you achieve a milestone or score 80% and above in your practice test. This will motivate you to keep going and successfully pass your exam. It’s important to reflect on what you’ve learned and be proud of yourself for putting in the time and effort.


To realize your goals, you need to put in the time and effort. Just one step at a time and before you know it – you’ll be achieving your AWS career goals. By following these AWS study tips, you’ll be in a perfect position to ace your AWS certification exam. Enroll in the popular AWS certification courses from Digital Cloud Training today and you will feel well equipped to handle each and every question that may come up in your exam.

Happy studying and all the best for your AWS exams.

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