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To support you on your AWS Certification journey, we have compiled FREE AWS certification training resources on all things Amazon Web services related. These in-depth AWS cheat sheets, practice questions, blog articles and video tutorials are perfect for students preparing for the AWS certification exams and anyone curious about cloud computing. For best results, we recommend supplementing these free learning resources with our comprehensive AWS training courses.


For quick navigation, click on the free AWS resource below that you want to get started with in preparation for your AWS certification exam. To the left, you’ll find all AWS free certification training resources from Digital Cloud Training. On the right hand side, we have listed the free certification training resources provided by Amazon Web Services.

FREE AWS Certification Training Resources provided by Digital Cloud Training

FREE Beginner's Guide to AWS Certification

Keen to get AWS Certified – but not sure how to get started? Then this FREE eBook is for you! Learn how to get AWS certified with this Beginner’s Guide to AWS Certification.

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These in-depth cheat sheets cover pretty much every fact you need to know to successfully pass your AWS certification exam! Exam-specific facts, tables and diagrams will help you understand and retain the theory you need to know before you take your exam on Amazon Web Services.

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Test your AWS knowledge with free AWS Practice Exams.

  • Pass mark: 70-75% (depending on AWS certification)
  • Coverage: Multiple knowledge areas
  • Explanations & References: Provided
  • Completion time: No time limit

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AWS Free Study Plan

Follow our free AWS study plan to successfully prepare for your AWS Certification Exams

AWS Facebook Group

Join the discussion on anything AWS related in our private Facebook group where students get to ask questions and share their most recent AWS exam experiences. 

FREE AWS Certification Training Resources provided by Amazon Web Services

AWS Exam Guides

To help students prepare for their exams, Amazon offers exam blueprints. These official exam guides contain the content outline and target audience for the certification exam. 

Click on the icons below to download your AWS Exam Guide AWS Exam Guide.

AWS Documention

Find user guides, developer guides, API references, tutorials, and more.

AWS Sample Exams

Amazon also gives students the opportunity to review sample exam questions, which demonstrate the format of the questions used on the exam.

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