Take your Team’s Cloud Skills to the next level

Our hands-on cloud training offers teams of all sizes and skill levels a comprehensive and flexible learning experience.

Your workforce will develop job-ready skills and knowledge, effectively leveraging the latest cloud technologies.

AWS Training on-demand B2B

Empowering Your Team for Success

 We offer a range of training options that equip your team with the skills and hands-on experience needed to navigate the ever-changing world of cloud computing

On-demand Training 
[Self-Paced Learning]

Our monthly and yearly business plans provide unlimited access to our entire range of on-demand cloud training which can be accessed at any time and from any device:

  • Video Courses
  • Practice Exam Courses
  • Exam Simulator
  • Training Notes (PDF)
  • Exam Cram Lessons
  • Study Plans

These modules cover a wide range of topics and are designed to help business teams build their skills and knowledge in the cloud.

Cloud Bootcamp 
[Live Remote Training]

Empower your team to excel in the cloud with our intensive Cloud Mastery Bootcamp.

This live remote program, led by experienced instructors, equips your employees with the in-demand skills needed to tackle real-world cloud challenges.

Participants will earn multiple cloud certifications and build hands-on cloud skills with AWS, Linux, Python, Terraform, Containers and Kubernetes.

Fast-track your team’s cloud expertise with real-world projects, translating directly to job-ready skills

Challenge Labs
[Self-Paced Learning]

We also offer Challenge Labs, which provide a hands-on, practical way to test knowledge and develop skills in a sandbox environment.

Challenge Labs allow teams to apply what they’ve learned in a safe and controlled environment.

With over 1,000 labs spanning multiple technologies such as AWS, Azure, VMware, Linux, Kubernetes and Cybersecurity, you can tailor training to address your team’s specific needs.

Trusted by businesses across the globe

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality training that equips teams with the knowledge and expertise needed to drive success in the cloud

Unlocking the Power of the Cloud

Equip your team with critical cloud computing skills to drive growth, innovation, and success with expert training

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, offering unprecedented scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency. However, to fully leverage the power of the cloud, your team needs to be well-versed in the latest cloud technologies and best practices. They need to be well-prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Our training is designed to help businesses upskill their teams, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed to drive growth, innovation, and gain a competitive edge. Taught by experienced instructors with real-world experience, our hands-on training will empower your team to succeed in the fast-evolving world of cloud computing.

Expertise: Our team of expert instructors brings a wealth of industry expertise and real-world experience to our training programs, ensuring that our clients receive the most up-to-date training available.

Quality: We are committed to providing the highest-quality training to our clients, and we have a proven track record of success in helping businesses of all sizes and industries upskill their teams.

Support: We believe that learning is a continuous process. We offer ongoing and comprehensive support and resources to help our clients continue to build their skills and knowledge in the cloud.

Expert Instructors with Real-World Experience

Customer Reviews

With an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 from over 150,000 reviews, we take pride in the positive impact our training has on individuals and businesses alike. Read on to see what our satisfied customers have to say about our training


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Increased Efficiency: Cloud training can help organizations increase efficiency by teaching employees how to utilize cloud technologies to streamline processes and workflows. With training in the latest cloud technologies and best practices, employees can work more efficiently, collaborate better, and get more done in less time.

  • Enhanced Security: Cloud training can help organizations improve their overall security posture by teaching employees how to properly configure and secure cloud-based applications and services. This can help protect sensitive data and information, safeguarding the organization against cyber threats.

  • Competitive Advantage: Cloud training can help organizations gain a competitive advantage by equipping their employees with the knowledge and skills required to leverage the latest cloud technologies. This can help organizations stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in their industry.

  • Scalability: Cloud training can help organizations learn how to scale their infrastructure and applications more effectively, allowing them to handle increased demand and traffic without affecting performance or incurring significant costs.

  • Cost Savings: Cloud training can help organizations reduce costs by teaching employees how to optimize cloud resources, utilize cost-effective cloud services, and reduce wastage of resources.

Digital Cloud Training provides businesses with  a range of cloud training options to help their employees develop hands-on skills, earn cloud certifications, and become proficient in cloud technologies. Our training options include self-study on-demand courses, sandbox-based challenge labs, and live remote training through our cloud mastery bootcamp.

  • Our on-demand training offering includes access to our entire library of video courses, practice exams, and cheat sheets for self-study – offering employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their preferred schedule.
  • With the challenge labs, employees get access to over 1,000 labs that run in a secure sandbox environment, enabling them to test and develop their practical skills without worrying about incurring any surprise cloud bills. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to encourage hands-on learning and run skills assessments.
  • The cloud mastery bootcamp is an immersive program that offers live training sessions, direct access to expert instructors, and comprehensive support to build job-ready skills and gain real-world experience. The program covers a broad range of cloud technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Linux, Python, IaC, and Containers.

At Digital Cloud Training, we provide flexible cloud training solutions that cater to your employees’ diverse needs and preferences. Whether you prefer self-study, sandbox-based labs, or live training, we have the right program that meets your specific business goals and requirements.

At Digital Cloud Training, all of our training programs cater to individuals with different levels of knowledge and experience in cloud technologies.

We provide a range of learning paths to guide students through our training library, ensuring that each individual receives training that is relevant to their skill level. Our challenge labs are structured to cater to learners at all levels, from beginner to expert, and our cloud mastery bootcamp provides comprehensive coverage of cloud technologies and services, starting from the associate level and progressing to professional-level training.

Whether your employees are beginners or experienced professionals, our flexible training solutions can help them develop hands-on skills, earn cloud certifications, and become proficient in cloud technologies.

With our corporate training solutions, businesses can provide their employees with the skills and knowledge needed to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Your employees will learn from AWS Certified trainers and industry experts who possess significant experience working with the technologies they teach.

Our lead instructors have many years of real-world experience and bring current best practices and case studies to the virtual classroom.

There are no prerequisites to enroll in the Cloud Mastery Bootcamp or any other training program. Our training programs are designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of experience.

When enrolling in the Cloud Mastery Bootcamp, beginners to the cloud will start with the (pre-recorded) AWS Cloud Practitioner module, which provides a solid foundation in cloud computing concepts. Individuals with solid cloud experience can directly jump into the AWS Solutions Architect Associate training module (live remote training). 

This flexible approach makes our training program an ideal choice for anyone looking to build job-ready cloud skills, regardless of their starting point.

Our Cloud Mastery Bootcamp is a comprehensive training program designed for employees who aim to build essential hands-on skills as Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, or DevOps Engineers.

The Cloud Mastery Bootcamp offers hands-on training in a live virtual classroom where participants work on real-world projects to gain hands-on experience. It also features on-demand training for self-paced study.

Our experienced instructors will assist your employees throughout the program, beginning with the fundamentals of cloud computing and progressing to more advanced concepts. 

It is suitable for both beginners to cloud computing and more advanced learners. Beginners start with the AWS Cloud Practitioner module (on-demand), while advanced learners jump directly into the live AWS Solutions Architect Associate training module. 

Over the 12-month period, participants will earn multiple AWS certifications ranging from beginner to professional level.

Participants will learn essential cloud skills such as Linux, Python, Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD, and Containers, empowering them to take on new challenges within their organizations.

The Cloud Mastery Bootcamp is designed to offer flexibility to participants with busy schedules.

All live sessions are recorded and can be accessed at a later time, allowing learners to catch up on missed content.

This ensures that employees have ample opportunity to learn and grow in the field of cloud computing, regardless of their circumstances.

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