Hands-on Challenge Labs

Challenge Labs are scenario-based hands-on exercises that run in a secure sandbox environment. Learn by doing and gain practical, real-world cloud skills

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What are Challenge Labs?

Challenge Labs are online scored labs that offer extensive hands-on practice opportunities

When you launch a Challenge Lab you will be taken into a hosted cloud environment (e.g. an AWS/Azure account) that has been preconfigured for the specific scenario-based challenge. Depending on the skill level of the lab you will be presented with requirements and instructions to complete the exercise. 

Practical Experience

While beginners follow step-by-step instructions in the guided challenge labs, experts are presented with a scenario and a series of tasks.

No Surprise Bills

Run in a hosted cloud environment, Challenge Labs provide safe practice opportunities - and eliminate the risk of running up any bills.

Over 1000 Labs

With a single one-off payment you get access to over 1000 labs spanning multiple platforms and technologies such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Challenge Labs Pricing

Get 12 months access to over 1000 challenge labs – with more being added

ALL Challenge Labs

12 Months Access to Full Catalog
$ 199 One-Off Payment
  • Over 1000 labs (e.g. AWS, Azure, Linux, Containers)
  • 365 days of access
  • Secure sandbox environment - Never worry about bills
  • Multiple levels: Guided, Advanced & Expert
  • Immediate access to new challenge labs
  • You may take each challenge three times
  • Digital badges
Best Value

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If you exclusively want access to the library of AWS labs for only $79, click the button below.

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If you exclusively want access to the library of Azure labs for only $79, click the button below.

Please note that you won’t be able to upgrade to the All Challenge Labs after purchasing the AWS or Azure library.

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How to use Challenge Labs

Hone your skills across the most in-demand technologies, practice role-based cloud skills, and build the hands-on experience for your next-level cloud role.

Let Neal take you on a tour around the Challenge Labs console – launching a lab

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Over 1000 Challenges

Challenge Labs can be filtered by challenge level, platform, technology focus, courses, certifications and exams

Why use Challenge Labs?

Expand your learning experience in a lab environment and develop your skills with Challenge Labs

Easy Access

Develop and assess skills across multiple technologies without ever needing to create your own cloud account or trial subscriptions.

Exam Prep

Get the hands-on preparation you need to successfully pass certification exams - such as the AWS SysOps Administrator Associate.

Reinforce learnings

Drive home key concepts and check your work along the way with screenshots and examples to reinforce what you learned.

Test Yourself

Advanced / expert challenge labs test your skills and knowledge and include automated validation and scoring.

Enhance Skills

Demonstrate your problem-solving abilities and develop/validate your practical skills with Challenge Labs.

Earn your Badge

Get the recognition you deserve with digital badges - an online representation of your achievements.

Who are Challenge Labs suitable for?

Ranging from fully guided to advanced hands-on exercises, Challenge Labs cater for all skill levels

From complete beginners to advanced users, the labs are excellent for those:

  • Preparing for IT certification exams
  • Looking to practice and build cloud skills without worrying about a surprise cloud bill
  • Seeking a promotion or employment in the cloud industry


Just getting started? Simply follow the step-by-step instructions with detailed hints to learn the fundamentals in the guided labs. Duration ~ 30 minutes


Create solution according to requirements with supporting documentation - each step is checked / validated. Duration ~ 45 minutes


Create solution according to requirements with basic instructions and no supporting information - receive a final score. Duration ~ 60 minutes.

Challenge Labs Badges

Badges are online representations of your achievements – earn the recognition you deserve

Digital badges enable interested parties to view and learn more about your credentials with a single-click. When someone clicks your digital badge, an overview page is presented on Credly’s Acclaim platform. 

Your Challenge Labs badge can be used to highlight your achievements across all major social networks. Sharing your Challenge Labs badge is a great way to develop your professional brand and let everyone know that you’ve completed a hands-on lab learning experience in your technical area.

Hands on Labs Badge Certificate
AWS Hand on Labs Sandbox
Azure Sandbox Hands on Learning

Proven and Trusted

Challenge Labs are provided by Skillable, an authorized lab hoster for many partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Challenge Labs

No, this is one of the best features of Challenge Labs. They are delivered in hosted accounts so you don’t need to set anything up and there are no additional charges applicable to you.

Your credentials will be emailed to you after purchasing access to the Challenge Labs. Please note that these credentials are separate from your Digital Cloud Training credentials. You can then gain access to the labs through the online portal.

There are NO additional charges at all. All services are delivered through hosted accounts so you don’t have to set up any account of your own or pay any additional costs.

When you purchase any option—whether it’s the entire Challenge Labs catalogue, AWS-only, or Azure-only, you will be granted access to all current and future Challenge Labs within the respective catalogue for a full year (365 days).

You can attempt each Challenge Lab up to 3 times within your access period. Once you begin a Challenge Lab, you will not be able to pause, save or return to your progress.
Please ensure you have set aside enough time to complete the Challenge Lab before starting. 

Please read our Refund Policy prior to making a purchase. Refunds are not possible for Challenge Labs as Digital Cloud Training is charged by Skillable for all student registrations and must pass on those costs. ​

Upgrades are not possible as each purchase is an independent subscription. For best value, we recommend the All Challenge Labs with access to over 700 labs – simply the best value for money. 

A support request can be submitted using the Open Support Ticket Request form located on the Learn on Demand Systems customer support page. Support includes any issues with the functionality or accessibility of the labs. Support does not include subject matter expertise or assistance understanding the topics or material Included in a specific lab.

The Challenge Labs from Skillable are a highly innovative product that includes multiple difficulty levels, automatic activity-based assessments, and real-time scoring. We chose to partner with Skillable as we believe they offer the most robust and reliable hands-on labs product on the market. It’s not surprising that AWS also chose to use LODS for their new Exam Labs tests.

Our standard training courses are self-paced, on-demand video courses, practice test courses, and eBooks. We believe in using multiple learning modalities for the most effective learning experience and Challenge Labs complement our existing training courses. We encourage students to use Challenge Labs as a way of building skills through guided lab exercises as well as assessing their skills using the more advanced challenges.

Customer Reviews

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Challenge Labs Catalog

Browse the catalog and filter by technology platform, level of difficulty, job roles or certification. Check out the featured Challenge Labs for AWS, Azure, Containers, Linux, Microsoft, VMware & Cybersecurity below

AWS Challenge Labs

Utilize challenges as hands-on practice for your upcoming AWS certification exams. Perform tasks in the AWS Management Console and AWS CLI using the same platform used by AWS for their new AWS Exam Labs tests.

Mircosoft Azure Challenge Labs

Build your skills on Microsoft Azure with Challenge Labs! Prepare for over 15 Microsoft and Microsoft Azure certification exams with certification-specific labs.

Containers and Kubernetes

Master containers and Kubernetes with hands-on challenges from basic installation to advanced deployment and management. Browse the entire catalog.

Linux Challenge Labs

Practice Linux deployment and administration skills from beginner to advanced – essential skills for all SysOps and DevOps Engineers. Browse the entire catalog.

MS Windows Server Challenge Labs

Deploy, configure, and administer Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Active Directory, Hyper-V, Storage Spaces and much more. Browse the entire catalog.

VMware Challenge Labs

Hone your VMware hands-on skills with Challenge Labs covering VMware vCenter Server, ESXi, vSAN, virtual machines, storage, and networking. Browse the entire catalog.

Cybersecurity Challenge Labs

Practice securing and protecting critical cloud and on-premises resources including operating systems, web servers, networks, and firewalls. Browse the entire catalog.

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