Python Programming for AWS

Learn Python with AWS and Boto3 – from Python Basics to Advanced Automation and AI


This on-demand video course will help you master Python Programming with AWS Serverless and Boto3

Python Programming on AWS

Course Overview

Learn how to write code with Python and leverage those skills to command AWS services using the Boto3 SDK

This Python Programming for AWS course is perfect for anyone who’s keen on learning Python and using it with AWS and the Boto3 SDK. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, we’ll guide you from the basics all the way to the more complex Python coding.

With 10 hours of instructor-led lessons, this class mixes easy-to-understand theory with hands-on practice and examples from the real world. So, you won’t just hear about it – you’ll get to try it out for yourself.

Video Course Format

10 hours on-demand
video training


Basic familiarity with AWS and core AWS services


This course is suitable for complete beginners

Who Should Take this Course?

This Python Programming for AWS course is ideal for a range of audiences

This course is for anyone keen on learning Python from scratch and integrating it with AWS using the boto3 SDK. From beginners to those with some coding experience, this course will guide you through the basics to advanced Python examples tailored for AWS.


Beginners to Python

who want to programmatically manage AWS services


Python developers

keen to delve into the world of cloud computing


AWS Users

seeking to automate tasks in the AWS cloud

What you'll learn [Scope & Content]

This Python course will take you from the basics of python programming to advanced python programming topics

  • Master Python coding fundamentals
  • Use Python with the AWS Boto3 SDK
  • Automate tasks with AWS Lambda
  • Work hands-on with Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, and Amazon RDS
  • Explore advanced services like Amazon SNS, SQS, SES, AWS Glue, and Amazon EMR
  • Discover how tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot can revolutionize your Python development for the cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts with the foundations of programming with Python so it is suitable for those who are not familiar with any programming languages.

There is a section in the course that covers some AWS fundamentals and we show you how to set up your AWS account. That being said, it is recommended that you go through one of our beginner friendly AWS training courses to learn AWS in more depth before taking this course. For example, you could start with our Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS course.

Yes, all slides are available for download (in PDF format). 

Yes, all code and files used in this course are provided as a download. However, please note that we recommend that you write out the Python code yourself as this will enhance your understanding.

A certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion of the video course.

All of our AWS training courses include guided hands-on training where you can follow along in an AWS Free Tier account. Additionally, we offer Challenge Labs for those who are looking for extensive hands-on practice opportunities to develop real-world cloud skills. Challenge Labs are scenario-based hands-on exercises that run in a secure sandbox environment. 

When you sign up for our monthly or yearly plans, you get access to our entire library of AWS training courses (current and future).

Our subscriptions come with no lock-in or minimum terms and can be cancelled at any time.

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