AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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About the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is one of the most popular certifications in cloud computing today. Cloud adoption is growing at an ever increasing rate and a shortage of skilled staff is driving up the value of cloud certifications. It’s important for personnel in many areas of the business to understand the cloud value proposition and how it can drive business value.

We wrote an extensive article on the general question of whether AWS certifications are worth it here but the short answer is absolutely, yes! And this 100% applies to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. 

The Cloud Practitioner certification is an excellent foundational level course that will teach you the value proposition of the AWS Cloud, the billing and pricing models, support options, security, and a high-level understanding of the main services.

This knowledge is essential for anyone who works in a role where they are directly or indirectly involved with cloud computing. Considering you can earn this certification in as little as 20 days with just an hour or so of study per day, it’s a relatively small investment to gain valuable skills.

Our AWS Cloud Practitioner Video Course includes a detailed study plan. Follow this study plan to easily achieve the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification with around 20 days of study. We recommend you allocate around 1 hour per day for study time with a little extra on weekends.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is an entry-level exam and as such it is the easiest AWS exam. The cloud practitioner exam questions are straightforward and only include very simple scenarios. The coverage of AWS topics is quite broad but the depth of knowledge is shallow. 

With our ultimate exam training package that includes a video course, practice exams, exam reviewer and training notes (PDF) you have everything you need to ace your cloud practitioner exam!

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is 65 questions in length. Unlike the associate and professional level certifications, Cloud Practitioner questions are not scenario based. All questions conform to the AWS format (1 answer from 4 options, or 2 answers from 5 options). 

It’s really helpful to familiarise yourself with the type, format and style of the AWS exam. That’s why we offer practice exams that closely match the exam pattern and difficulty and are the most similar to the real AWS exam experience available. 

You have 90 minutes to complete your exam. To succesfully pass your exam, you need to get a minimum of 700 points out of 1000 points (70%). Though the amount of time per question is relatively short, the questions are mostly straightforward and most students can easily complete the exam within the time allocation.

Note that if English is not your first language you can request an accommodation when booking your exam that will qualify you for an additional 30 minutes exam extension.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner exam cost is $100 US.

Once you successfully pass your exam, you will be issued a 50% discount voucher that you can use towards your next AWS Exam.

For more information on how to get AWS certified on a budget, check out this blog article on AWS Certification Costs.

Yes, you can now take all AWS Certification exams with online proctoring using Pearson Vue or PSI. Here’s a detailed guide on how to book your AWS exam.

Ultimate Training Package

This popular training bundle covers everything you need to know to ace your AWS Cloud Practitioner exam

Set yourself up for Success

1. Video Course +
2. Practice Exam Course +
3. Training Notes (ebook) +
4. Exam Reviewer Course

When enrolling in the Ultimate Training Package for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner you’ll have everything you need to pass your exam: Video Course + Practice Exam Course + Training Notes (ebook) + Exam Reviewer (Guided Walkthrough).

With this powerful combination of high-quality training resources, you’ll maximize your chances of successfully passing your exam at the first attempt. Students with no AWS experience have aced the exam using these training resources – simply the best way to prepare.

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We teach you cloud computing from basic concepts right through to some more advanced topics with lots of guided hands-on lessons so you can learn AWS by doing.

Absolutely no prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Our courses are suitable for those from technical and non-technical backgrounds.

This foundational level training is ideal for those who are new to cloud computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification training courses are suitable for both technical and non-technical staff who are working in companies that currently use AWS or are planning to use AWS.

Whether you’re directly involved with building and supporting cloud applications, or working in managerial, sales, marketing, or project management roles, our AWS Cloud Practitioner training will help you understand AWS at a high level and prepare you for the CLF-C02 exam. No background knowledge or technical expertise is required to undertake this AWS Cloud Practitioner course as everything is fully explained.

This instructor-led video course combines essential theory with guided practical exercises that are backed by high-quality diagrams and references.

  • 12 hours on-demand video training with guided hands-on exercises
  • Reflecting the latest CLF-C02 exam blueprint
  • Exam-cram lectures
  • 120 quiz questions
  • Visuals and diagrams
  • 20 Day Study Plan
  • Course Certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course

Ideal for beginners to the AWS cloud. No cloud computing experience is required.

Test your knowledge and assess your exam readiness with practice questions that match the difficulty of the real AWS exam. 

Practice exams are delivered in 4 different formats:

  • Exam Mode – 6 sets of practice exams with the same number of questions (65), time limit (90 mins), and pass mark (70%) as the real AWS exam
  • Training Mode – Check answers and explanations after every question (no time limit)
  • Knowledge Review – Focussed practice exams for a specific knowledge area (no time limit, questions are not randomized)
  • Final exam simulator – 65 questions are pulled randomly from a pool of over 500 questions. Same time limit (90mins) and pass mark (70%) as the real AWS exam

For exam mode and training mode you will be presented with an overall score at the end of the exam with a pass/fail message.

For all practice exams, you get a breakdown of results for each knowledge area category so you can evaluate your performance and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

A Certificate of Achievement is issued when you score 70% and above in your online exam simulator. 

Take your studies offline with this ultimate compilation of cheat sheets for the CLF-C02 exam.

  • Downloadable training notes (PDF) with detailed facts, tables and diagrams.
  • This is a great resource for diving deep into each AWS service covered on the AWS exam which saves you from needing to browse hundreds of AWS FAQ pages and sorting through stacks of irrelevant information.
  • For easy navigation, the information on each AWS service in this document is organized into the same categories as they are in the AWS Management Console.
  • Ideal resource for last-minute revision to get straight to the facts and shortcut your study time. 

Learn the strategies and test-taking techniques for answering AWS certification exam questions so you can easily pass your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam first time.

You will be walked through 130 practice questions in over 5 hours of video-based training. The practice questions mirror the style and difficulty of the real AWS exam (CLF-C02). You’ll learn how to evaluate the context of the question, how to spot the best answers, and how to easily eliminate the distractors.

Visual slides and animations are used to provide additional learning of the concepts so you gain a much deeper understanding.

  • 5 Hours of Guided Video Walkthroughs
  • Evaluate real Exam-style Questions
  • Build Test-Taking Skills
  • Visual Slides and Animations
  • Gain an Edge on Exam Day

What you'll learn [Scope & Content]

We teach you all of the skills required to successfully pass your AWS Cloud Practitioner exam

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam requires a general understanding of cloud computing concepts, the value proposition of the AWS cloud, billing and pricing options, the AWS global infrastructure, support options, security, and a high-level understanding of the main AWS services.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C02 exam guide groups these skills into four domains. You’ll learn the following skills (grouped by domain):

Purchase Options

We offer various purchase options to suit your budget and learning needs

If you’re looking for high-quality certification training that will fully prepare you for your AWS Cloud Practitioner exam – our Ultimate Training Package is for you.

For those who are ready to fully immerse themselves into all things AWS-related, we recommend our Membership Program. You’ll gain unlimited access to ALL of our on-demand AWS courses – current and future – and get early access to new content and exclusive resources. 


AWS Cloud Practitioner Training
[Video Course, Practice Exams & Training Notes]

$ 29.99 USD One-Time Payment
  • 12 hours of On-Demand Video Training
  • 5 hours of Guided Video Walkthrough (Exam Reviewer)
  • 6 Sets of full-length Practice Exams​ with 65 Questions each
  • Assess your Exam Readiness with Final Exam Simulator
  • Practice Exams available in Training Mode/Simulation/Deep Dive
  • Downloadable Training Notes (PDF) for Offline Study
  • Unlimited Access for 365 days

Unlimited Access
to on-demand Cloud Training

$ 179 USD Yearly Plan
  • Unlimited access to entire catalog of on-demand cloud training
  • Over 150 hours of video lessons and 2,000+ practice questions
  • Suitable for all levels - from beginners to advanced learners
  • Learn at your own pace - with access to courses anytime, anywhere
  • On-demand video courses with guided hands-on lessons​
  • Exam-difficulty practice exams (exam simulation and training mode)
  • Downloadable training notes (PDF) for offline study

Customer Reviews

Students with no AWS experience have aced the exam using our training resources – simply the best way to prepare


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Frequently Asked Questions

With our AWS Cloud Practitioner training, there is NO need for previous AWS cloud experience. We will start out with the foundations of cloud computing and will teach you everything you need to know to successfully pass your exam.

This training is perfect for beginners as it was designed with non-techies and newcomers to the cloud in mind.

Our training is based on the latest CLF-C02 exam blueprint for the AWS Cloud Practitioner. All of our training courses, practice exams and training notes are regularly updated to reflect the latest AWS changes.

All diagrams, code, links, files and slides are available for download (in PDF format). 

The video course also includes the following:

  • Exam-cram lectures
  • 120 quiz questions
  • Visuals and diagrams
  • 20 Day Study Plan

Our practice exam course is included in the ultimate training package (video course, exam reviewer, practice exams and training notes). It can also be accessed via our monthly/annual membership subscription

Exam Mode: In exam mode, you complete one full-length practice exam and answer all 65 questions within the allotted time. You are then presented with a pass / fail score report showing your overall score and performance in each knowledge area to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Training Mode: When taking the practice exam in training mode, you will be shown the answers and explanations for every question after clicking “check”. Upon completion of the practice exam (no time limit), the score report shows your overall score and performance in each knowledge area.

Knowledge Reviews: Now that you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you get to dive deep into specific areas with our knowledge reviews. You are presented with a series of questions focussed on a specific topic. There is no time limit and you can view the answer to each question as you go through them.

Final Exam Simulator: The exam simulator randomly selects 65 questions from our pool of over 500 unique questions – mimicking the real AWS exam environment. The practice exam has the same format, style, time limit and passing score as the real AWS exam.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to our in-depth AWS training, check out our FREE training resources for the AWS Cloud Practitioner below. These free AWS training materials are a great way to familiarize yourself with Neal’s training style and format.

While these free resources are a great starting point – to best prepare for your exam, we highly recommend the full training experience. 

With practice exams, a Certificate of Achievement is issued when you score 70% and above in your online exam simulator.

A certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion of the video course.

All of our AWS training courses include guided hands-on training where you can follow along in an AWS Free Tier account. Additionally, we offer Challenge Labs for those who are looking for extensive hands-on practice opportunities to develop real-world cloud skills. Challenge Labs are scenario-based hands-on exercises that run in a secure sandbox environment. 

When you sign up for our montly or yearly plan, you get unlimited access to our entire library of AWS training courses (current and future).

Our subscriptions come with no lock-in or minimum terms and can be cancelled at any time.

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