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You’re invited to join the discussion about all things related to Amazon Web Services on Slack. Click here to get started. You will be asked for your email address and will be sent an invite.

Once there, choose your channel. Our #general channel is for anyone keen to discuss AWS related topics. If you’re one of our students, please join the course-specific channels:

  • #aws-cloud-practitioner
  • #aws-solutions-architect-associate
  • #aws-developer-associate
  • #aws-sysops-associate
  • #aws-solutions-architect-pro
  • #aws-advanced-networking-specialty
  • #aws-machine-learning-specialty
  • #aws-security-specialty


To make things efficient for everyone please follow these community guidelines when using the Digital Cloud Training slack channels:

  • Be respectful and remember that there’s a human on the other side of the screen.
  • Post all questions in the channel for the specific course (or #general if your question isn’t course specific).
  • To join a channel, browse all channels in our workspace, or use the search bar to search by channel name. Select a channel from the list and click “Join Channel”.
  • Do not message Neal directly. We want all students to also benefit from the answers.
  • All questions should be addressed openly so please avoid specifically asking Neal.
  • For any account / purchase / enrollment issues, email
  • If you find issues with the course content such as out of date info, incorrect answers etc., please report in the #course-issues-log channel or use our feedback form.
  • DCT staff will not assist with questions relating to content from other providers / platforms, but you’re welcome to ask the community.
  • No Spam or self-promotion. All Spam will be deleted and may result in you being banned from our Slack group.