AWS Business Essentials Training

AWS Business Essentials - The Business Value of AWS

Learn about the benefits of cloud computing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how to migrate to AWS Cloud

This on-demand video course will help you understand the Power of Cloud 

AWS Basics Training for Business

Course Overview

Explore the advantages of cloud computing for your business and the fundamentals of AWS

Cloud computing changes the game, driving operational efficiency, lowering costs and accelerating innovation. If you’re keen to find out how a cloud strategy can help take your business to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

In this AWS Business Essentials training course you’ll learn the fundamentals of cloud computing and how Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you meet your business objectives. The course explores the benefits of cloud computing, the pricing models, scalability, security and compliance, and use cases. You’ll also learn about the core services you can use in AWS to build and support your applications.

AWS is the largest cloud computing provider in the world with the broadest range of services. AWS is used by many of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world. In this course you’ll learn about the various ways the AWS Cloud can drive value in your business and how you can realize the benefits.

Whether  you’re considering a cloud-first strategy, or moving some workloads to the cloud, this course will help you to understand the various benefits, deployment options, and features of AWS. The course also helps you build your business case for cloud and plan your migration.

There are also many demonstrations in this training course, so you can see how the AWS Cloud works and really understand the power of cloud computing.

Video Course Format

2.5 hours on-demand
video training

No Prerequisites

This course is designed for non-technical professionals


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Who Should Take this Course?

The AWS Business Essentials course is ideal for a range of audiences

This course assumes no prior knowledge of cloud computing or AWS. It is designed for both technical and non-technical audiences. It is not a hands-on course (though there are many demonstrations). Instead, this course aims to teach the value of the AWS cloud and help you to understand how it can be used in your business.


IT business decision makers


Team Leads /




Technical Account Managers




Individuals who
are new to AWS

What you'll learn [Scope & Content]

Identify migration options, learn important compliance and security concepts and build your business case

The course starts with the fundamentals of cloud computing, teaching you what it is and how it compares to traditional IT. You’ll then learn the basics of Amazon AWS, how it works, and the features of the core AWS services. We’ll then move on to the key business benefits of the AWS Cloud, use cases, pricing models and how to build your own business case. You’ll also learn about the various tools and options for migrating into AWS and how you can leverage managed services in the cloud.

  • What cloud computing is and how it differs from traditional IT
  • Cloud computing deployment models such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multicloud
  • Cloud computing service models including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Scalability and elasticity in the cloud
  • High availability and fault tolerance in the cloud
  • Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • The AWS global presence including Regions and Availability Zones
  • The AWS pricing models and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Core AWS services for compute, storage, database, analytics, and machine learning
  • Serverless services and event-driven architectures
  • Using AWS services for scalability, elasticity, high availability and fault tolerance
  • Automated deployments and Infrastructure as Code
  • The key business benefits of cloud computing
  • Common enterprise use cases for AWS cloud services
  • How to build a business case for cloud
  • How to estimate the cost of migrating to AWS
  • Tools available for migration to AWS
  • Leveraging higher-level managed services to reduce operational costs
  • Security features in the AWS Cloud
  • Considerations around vendor lock-in when moving to cloud

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If you’re keen to learn the fundamentals of AWS and understand the benefits of cloud computing, this video training is for you. 

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AWS Business Essentials

The Business Value of AWS ​
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