AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty

AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty

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About the AWS Machine Learning Specialty

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There are no prerequisites to sit any AWS exam. However, the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam is a difficult exam that requires a solid foundation of knowledge of AWS services. You should also be familiar with basic machine learning concepts.

For those who do not have significant experience working with AWS technologies, it is recommended that you first pass at least one associate-level certification, such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, before attempting the AWS Machine Learning Specialty exam.

How should you prepare for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam? This is not an easy task and requires careful planning to ensure you’re fully prepared before you attempt this challenging AWS certification exam.

The best way is to enroll in our Ultimate Training Package for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Certification. This will provide you with on-demand video training and practice tests (in both exam simulation and training mode). A cheat sheet is also included which summarizes the key facts you need to remember for the exam.

Specialty certifications vary in difficulty with the more difficult exams being on par with the professional level AWS certifications. The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam concentrates heavily on machine learning concepts, not just AWS concepts. Therefore, you need a solid understanding of advanced machine learning techniques before sitting this exam.

Assuming you have at least an associate level of AWS knowledge and some basic machine learning expertise, you should allocate between 4 and 8 weeks for study time. This really depends on your starting level of knowledge and how much time you can dedicate to learning.

The passing score is 750 points out of 1000 points (75%). There are 65 questions in the exam and the entire time allocation is 170 minutes.

The exam cost is $300 USD. Please remember that if you’ve passed another AWS certification exam previously (which you should have!) then you will have a 50% discount coupon available in your account over at

The learning objectives for the MLS-C01 exam are as follows:

  • Data Engineering
  • Exploratory Data
  • Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Machine Learning
  • Implementation and Operations

Ultimate Training Package

This popular training bundle covers everything you need to know to ace your AWS Machine Learning exam

Set yourself up for Success​​

Video Course +
Practice Exam Course+
Training Notes (PDF)

Machine Learning has boomed in popularity as computation becomes less expensive. The AWS Certified Machine Learning specialty certification demonstrates expertise in data engineering, exploratory data analysis, modeling, and ML implementation and operations.

This certification is ideal for individuals who perform an artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) development or data science role. In this training, you’ll learn how to design, build, deploy, optimize, train, tune, and maintain ML solutions for given business problems using AWS services.

All of this and much more is covered in great detail in our AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty online training courses so you have everything you need to fully prepare at your fingertips. We teach you through a unique combination of video lectures, guided hands-on exercises, practice questions and cheat sheets.

This is the best online training for the AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification available today and is completely up to date with the latest concepts featured on the exam.

Our instructor-led video course combines essential theory with guided practical exercises that are backed by high-quality diagrams and references.

  • 12 hours of on-demand video training with guided hands-on exercises
  • Coverage of the latest exam topics for the MLS-C01
  • Hands-on lessons using the AWS Management Console
  • Theory lessons with amazing architectural diagrams
  • All diagrams, code, links, files and slides are available for download
  • Course Certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course

The video course is taught in a style that includes theory lessons with lots of visualization such as architectural diagrams and animated graphics.

After the theory lessons, you’ll get to put your knowledge into practical use with hands-on lessons that teach you how to use AWS and complete exercises that reflect real-world situations. Learning by doing increases knowledge retention and is the best way to ensure you build practical skills.

Test your knowledge and assess your exam readiness with practice questions that match the difficulty of the real AWS exam. 

Practice exams are delivered in 4 different formats:

  • Exam Mode – 6 sets of practice exams with 20 questions each, time limit of 55 mins, and pass mark of 75%. These are shorter than the real exam to make it more manageable when studying.
  • Training Mode – Check answers and explanations after every question (no time limit).
  • Knowledge reviews: Collection of practice questions for a specific knowledge area that allows you to focus your efforts where they’re needed most.
  • Final exam simulator – Full-length exam with 65 questions pulled randomly from our pool of questions. Same time limit (170 mins) and pass mark (75%) as the real AWS exam.

At the end of the exam, you will get a breakdown of results for each knowledge area category so you can evaluate your performance and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

For exam mode and training mode you will be presented with an overall score at the end of the exam with a pass/fail message.

For all practice exams, you get a breakdown of results for each knowledge area category so you can evaluate your performance and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

A Certificate of Achievement is issued when you score 75% and above in your online exam simulator. 

Take your studies offline with this cheat sheet for the MLS-C01 exam.

  • Downloadable training notes (PDF) for offline study
  • Exam-specific facts you need to know to successfully pass your exam
  • Ideal resource for last-minute revision
  • Get straight to the facts and shortcut your study time

What you'll learn [Scope & Content]

We teach you all of the skills required to successfully pass your AWS Machine Learning Specialty exam

Our AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty training covers all knowledge areas in the exam. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the services featured on the exam today as well as a strong practical knowledge through completion of the guided hands-on lessons.

You can then test yourself by attempting our online practice tests that reflect the style and difficulty of the real exam. We also provide a cheat sheet that you can use for last-minute exam cramming.

The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty (MLS-C01) exam guide groups the required skills into four domains. In this course, we teach you all of the skills necessary to successfully pass your ML exam.

You’ll learn the following skills (grouped by domain):

Purchase Options​

We offer various purchase options to suit your budget and learning needs

If you’re looking for high-quality certification training that will fully prepare you for your AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam – our Ultimate Training Package is for you.

For those who are ready to fully immerse themselves into all things AWS-related, we recommend our Membership Program. You’ll gain unlimited access to ALL of our on-demand AWS courses – current and future – and get early access to newly added content and updates.

AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty
[Video Course, Practice Exams & Training Notes]

$ 29.99 USD One-Time Payment
  • 12 hours of On-Demand Video Training
  • 6 Practice Exams​ with 20 Questions each
  • Assess your Exam Readiness with Final Exam Simulator
  • Downloadable Training Notes (PDF) for Offline Study
  • Covering latest MLS-C01 Exam​
  • No additional Charge for Updates of Content​
  • 365 days Unlimited Access
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (Self-Service) - Risk Free​

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  • Early Access to newly added Content and Updates​
  • Practice Exams (Simulation & Training Mode) & Exam Simulator
  • Downloadable Training Notes (PDF) for Offline Study
  • This is not a Subscription and does not Auto-Renew
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (Self-Service) - Risk Free

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This course is taught by Karim Elkobrossy and Neal Davis

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have any experience with cloud computing, we recommend that you first complete at least one associate-level AWS certification as those will set you up with a strong base of knowledge to build upon. 

You may also consider passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam before attempting the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam.

All of our video lessons, practice exams and training notes are regularly updated to reflect the latest AWS changes.

All diagrams, code, links and files are available for download (in PDF format). 

You also get access to all slides (PDF).

All of our self-paced AWS training courses come with 12 months access. The 12 month time frame starts from the time of purchase. During your 12 month period, you can take your training courses as many times as you like and get access to all updates at no additional costs.

Our Practice Exams are included in the ultimate training package (along with the video course and training notes) and are not offered for individual purchase. They can also be accessed via our monthly/annual membership subscription

Exam Mode: In exam mode, you complete one full-length practice exam and answer all questions within the allotted time. You are then presented with a pass / fail score report showing your overall score and performance in each knowledge area to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Training Mode: When taking the practice exam in training mode, you will be shown the answers and explanations for every question after clicking “check”. Upon completion of the practice exam (no time limit), the score report shows your overall score and performance in each knowledge area.

Knowledge Reviews: Now that you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you get to dive deep into specific areas with our knowledge reviews. You are presented with a series of questions focussed on a specific topic. There is no time limit and you can view the answer to each question as you go through them.

Final Exam Simulator: The exam simulator randomly selects questions from our pool of practice questions – mimicking the real AWS exam environment. The practice exam has the same format, style, time limit and passing score as the real AWS exam.

With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer a full refund within 7 days (self-service). No questions asked.

Please note that you can only request a refund once per product. So we ask you to carefully consider your purchase decisions as you won’t be eligible for a refund the second time around. 

We want all of our customers to be happy with their purchases and encourage anyone to review our refund policy.

With practice exams, a Certificate of Achievement is issued when you score 75% and above in your online exam simulator.

A certificate of completion is issued upon successful completion of the video course.

All of our AWS training courses include guided hands-on training where you can follow along in an AWS Free Tier account. Additionally, we offer Challenge Labs for those who are looking for extensive hands-on practice opportunities to develop real-world cloud skills. Challenge Labs are scenario-based hands-on exercises that run in a secure sandbox environment. 

When you sign up for our Membership Program, you get 12 months of unlimited access to our entire library of AWS training courses (current and future).

Our annual membership is not a subscription and does not auto renew.

Our monthly membership subscription comes with no lock-in or minimum terms and can be cancelled at any time.

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