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The new version of the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification was released on the 27th of July, 2021. The SOA-C02 is the first AWS exam to feature an exam labs component to the test. This means the new exam is going to be a bigger challenge.

So, what exactly is changing in the AWS SysOps exam and how are our AWS training courses being updated?

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How is the new SOA-C02 exam different?

A few months ago, I took the beta exam for the SOA-C02 and gathered feedback from others who did the same. I wrote an article about my experience which provides you with more insights. The multi-choice section of the AWS SysOps Administrator exam is relatively unchanged. A few new topics came up but many questions were almost identical to the SOA-C01.

The exam labs section included 3 separate labs which included a challenge that you had to complete within a specific timeframe (refer to my article for more detail). This is a feature that adds difficulty and requires that you have completed plenty of hands-on practice labs before sitting your exam (or have enough on-the-job experience).

The good news is that all of our AWS training courses already include hands-on guided exercises so we cover most – if not all of the exam lab scenarios already. Make sure you follow along with the hands-on lessons!

How are our AWS SysOps training courses updated?

A full set of 65 brand new practice questions has been added to the practice test course for the AWS SysOps. Practice Test 4 now covers the new topics that come up in the new SOA-C02 exam.

The video course has also been updated with new videos covering the topics that are coming up in the final release of the SOA-C02. We wanted to make sure we get it right and cover all new topics and knowledge requirements so we needed extra time to pull this information together and create new content.

Can I still take the SOA-C01?

The SOA-C01 was retired on 26th July 2021 so you cannot take it after that date. The SOA-C02 was released on the 27th of July 2021 and is the only option from that date.

I want to book my SOA-C02 exam soon, what should I do?

If you’re almost ready to book your exam, I suggest watching the new videos in our video course before sitting the exam.

All new updates have [NEW] at the beginning of the lesson name so it’s easy to search for and identify the new lessons.

You also want to make sure you take the new questions in Practice Test 4 of our practice test course that includes 65 brand new practice questions. This is essential knowledge for the exam so make sure you do this test and check the explanations and reference links provided.

Lastly, make sure you follow all hands-on activities in the video course. The new exam labs section of the AWS exam tests your practical abilities so you absolutely must have plenty of hands-on experience with AWS.

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