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There’s just 1 thing employers really care about. The #1 skill employers require is the ability to solve problems. Most of what we do in cloud, whether you’re a Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, or DevOps Engineer, is work out how to efficiently solve problems. Here’s why:

  1. Complexity of Environments: Cloud environments can be intricate, with a blend of legacy systems and newer technologies. Engineers often need to design solutions that accommodate both, and this requires a keen problem-solving ability.
  2. Varied Workloads: Cloud engineers manage a variety of workloads, from databases to applications to infrastructure components. Each of these can present unique challenges that need tailored solutions.
  3. Cost Management: One of the primary benefits of cloud environments is cost efficiency. Engineers must be adept at solving problems related to optimizing costs while ensuring performance.
  4. Security and Compliance: Ensuring secure and compliant solutions in the cloud is paramount. Engineers must anticipate potential security challenges and proactively address them.
  5. Rapid Technological Changes: The cloud domain is evolving rapidly. Engineers must be agile in their problem-solving approach to adapt to new technologies and tools swiftly.

How do you learn these critical skills?

Learning problem-solving is a combination of structured approaches, experiential learning, and nurturing the right mindset. To effectively learn problem-solving, especially in tech, a foundational understanding of the technology is essential.

This lays the groundwork for deeper insights and better decision-making. Once you have that foundation, building hands-on experience is key, as real-world challenges offer the best lessons.

Coupled with this, nurturing critical thinking skills allows you to evaluate problems from various angles, ensuring comprehensive and effective solutions. In essence, a blend of technological understanding, practical experience, and critical evaluation equips one with robust problem-solving capabilities.

Does certification training help?

Certification training through videos offers a solid foundation in technology, teaching you to follow set instructions effectively. However, this method alone doesn’t cultivate the ability to independently tackle and solve real-world problems. Genuine problem-solving emerges from hands-on experiences beyond scripted scenarios.

It is, however, essential to hold some of the key cloud certifications like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Developer Associate. After all, other cloud job seekers will likely have them, so you should too! Just understand there’s much more to gaining a cloud role beyond an AWS certification.

The best way to develop the critical skills employers want

Learning from experts with decades of cloud experience offers invaluable, real-world insights that video courses simply cannot capture. Did you really think you could land a 6-figure cloud job simply through watching videos?

This is why we started offering live training programs in addition to our video courses and practice exams. Here are the top 5 Reasons you should consider enrolling in our Cloud Mastery Bootcamp:

  1. Expert-Led Education: Unlike traditional programs, our curriculum is run by seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience. They’ve been in the trenches, faced the challenges, and are here to share not just knowledge but wisdom.
  2. Practical Application Over Rote Learning:  Instead of just memorizing facts for certifications, immerse yourself in practical exercises and real-world simulations that ensure you’re job-ready from day one.
  3. Hands-on Cloud Challenges: Our bootcamp pushes you beyond theoretical knowledge with real-world cloud challenges. These tasks are designed to refine your problem-solving skills, ensuring you’re adept at tackling actual industry scenarios, not just classroom exercises.
  4. Multiple AWS Certifications: Go from Associate level to Professional with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Developer certifications.
  5. Holistic Career Development: It’s not just about the technical knowledge. We equip you with essential soft skills through career coaching, interview preparation, and guidance on developing your personal brand.

We host our cloud mastery bootcamp multiple times throughout the year. For detailed information and to enroll in our upcoming session, visit our webpage. Don’t miss your chance to embark on the path to cloud mastery!

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