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Why an AWS Certification alone won’t get you a job
Cloud Career

Why an AWS Certification ALONE won’t get you an AWS job

Students often ask me if gaining a certification like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is enough to get them...
Is Cloud Computing sustainable?
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Sustainability: How Green Is the Cloud?

Cloud computing sustainability or 'Green Cloud' refers to an environment-friendly cloud that reduces carbon emissions and promotes the use of...
Cloud Computing Basics - Compute
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basics – Compute

Along with storage and networking, compute is one of the key foundational building blocks of the cloud computing infrastructure layer....
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers computing resources over a network to provide convenient and on-demand services. Cloud computing uses applications, hardware, services,...
Comparing ELB ALB Auto-Scaling
Amazon Web Services

AWS Health Checks: ELB vs ALB vs Auto Scaling

When you are aiming to build a highly scalable, durable and resilient cloud architecture to service your end users, it...
AWS Service Control Policies
Amazon Web Services

AWS SCP – Mastering AWS Service Control Policies

Service control policies (SCP) are organizational policies that you can use to manage different permissions in your organization. Using SCP,...
Virtual Classroom AWS Training
Cloud Career

Top 10 Reasons to Join an AWS Bootcamp 

Studying a new career in the cloud can be hard. Not only do you have a seemingly unlimited list of...
AWS Glue
Amazon Web Services

What is AWS Glue?

AWS Glue is a pay-as-you-go service from Amazon that helps you with your ETL (extract, transform and load) needs. It...
AWS Well-Architected Framework Pillars
Amazon Web Services

The Main Pillars of an AWS Well-Architected Framework

Developing a cloud-native business application, most often comes with different challenges related to scaling, costing, efficiency, infrastructure, etc. To successfully...
Is Azure easy to learn if you know AWS?
AWS Certification

Is Azure easy to learn if you know AWS?

Modern application development is based on cloud-native technologies. There are many cloud vendors, and each carries its own set of...
New SAP-C02 AWS SA PRO Certification Exam
AWS Certification

AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is changing to SAP-C02

If you're planning on earning the extremely valuable AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification, you need to know that AWS...
Career Switch to IT
Cloud Career

Career Change to IT | A practical Guide

Moving to a career in IT is a challenging process! It takes a large degree of effort and determination to...
AWS EC2 Instance Types
Amazon Web Services

AWS EC2 Instance Types and Use Cases

EC2 are low-cost, reliable, and scalable virtual machines running on hardware provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Users only pay...
Amazon Web Services

AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI): A Complete Guide

Amazon provides a myriad of tools which help developers, architects, and administrators to develop and manage AWS cloud services. These...
Reasons to learn AWS
Cloud Career

Why You Need to Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud computing is here to stay, and some might even consider cloud the next big leap in the tech revolution....
Comparing AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
Cloud Career

Comparison of AWS vs Azure vs Google

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies develop applications. Most of the modern applications are now cloud native. Undoubtedly, the...
Load Balanced Architecture Lab
AWS Tutorials

Load Balanced Architecture with Advanced Request Routing

One of the main challenges when learning Cloud Computing is to build hands-on experience. When learning only the theory, one...
Security on AWS
Amazon Web Services

Security on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

When configuring your environment on the AWS Cloud, one of (if not the most important thing) you can do is...
Cost Cutting on AWS
Amazon Web Services

How to save money on Amazon Web Services

If your costs are not managed properly, cloud deployments can be very expensive. The Cloud has been heralded as a...
Amazon AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda Versions and Aliases

Serverless computing has been on the rise the last few years, and whilst there is still a large number of...
AWS DynamoDB WCU and RCU
Amazon Web Services

Calculating WCU and RCU for AWS DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a pivotal part of the AWS ecosystem, and understanding how it works can be a tremendous aid to...
NACL vs AWS Security Groups
Amazon Web Services

AWS Security Group vs NACL – Key Differences

There are significant protections provided to you natively when you are building your networking stack on AWS. This wide range...
Cloud Security
Amazon Web Services

Cloud Security Comparison – AWS vs Azure

Within any deployment and across any and all cloud providers - Security is job zero! This means that above all...
Amazon Web Services

AWS Networking – ENI vs EFA vs ENA

There is no stopping Amazon Web Services (AWS) from innovating, improving, and ensuring the customer gets the best experience possible...