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New AWS ANS-C01 Exam
AWS Certification

AWS ANS-C01 – The NEW AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exam

The new AWS ANS-C01 exam for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty certification was released in July 2022. So how...
AWS EC2 Tutorial
AWS Tutorials

How to launch a web server on EC2

One of the cornerstones of the AWS Cloud is the EC2 service. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) is a managed...
AWS News
Amazon Web Services

What’s New at AWS?

Here at Digital Cloud Training, we are aware of how important it is to keep up with the latest releases...
AWS Free Tutorials
AWS Tutorials

Load balancing EC2 Instances in an Autoscaling Group

In this AWS tutorial, we are going to discuss how we can make the best use of AWS services to...
AWS VPC Tutorial
AWS Tutorials

How to build a VPC using AWS CloudFormation

When building resources in the AWS Cloud, there is a temptation to simply dive into the console and start launching...
AWS Tutorial
AWS Tutorials

Mounting EFS on EC2 instance

When we think about virtual machines in AWS, there is a service that comes to mind, and that is EC2....
AWS Solutions Architect Associate New Exam
AWS Certification

New SAA-C03 Exam Version for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

To keep up with the pace of development of new features and services, AWS update their certification exams periodically. In...
AWS Tutorial
AWS Tutorials

High Availability and Scalability in Amazon RDS

One of the key reasons why customers use AWS for their applications is because of the ability to maintain a...
Amazon Web Services Containers
Amazon Web Services

Containers on AWS

In recent years, the word “container” has become a buzzword in the world of Cloud and software development, and yet...
AWS history
Amazon Web Services

A Brief History Of AWS – And How Computing Has Changed

Even though the cloud hasn’t existed for too long in the grand scheme of things, looking back at the history...
How to schedule your AWS Exam
AWS Certification

How to Book your AWS Certification Exam – A Step by Step Guide

You have studied hard and feel confident that you're ready to book your AWS Certification exam. However, you are not...
Amazon Web Services

What is RedShift?

Globally, the massive amounts of data that we produce each day is becoming more and more valuable in our increasingly...
Comparing VPC-Interface-Endpoint Gateway-Endpoint
Amazon Web Services

VPC Interface Endpoint vs Gateway Endpoint in AWS

VPC endpoint is a powerful feature of AWS that allows you to establish a private connection between your VPC and...
AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification
AWS Certification

Top Tips for the AWS Professional Certification

The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is considered one of - if not the hardest AWS certification - for good...
Amazon AWS Workspaces
Amazon Web Services

AWS Workspaces Pricing

AWS Workspaces is a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) product from Amazon Web Services. You pay for a dedicated virtual...
AWS OpenSearch Service Training
Amazon Web Services

AWS OpenSearch Service

The AWS OpenSearch Service is the successor to the Amazon Elasticsearch Service. This service has also become a popular topic...
AWS ReInvent 2021 News
Amazon Web Services

The 10 Most Exciting Announcements at AWS re:Invent 2021

Every single year in November, thousands of AWS enthusiasts and customers take part in a week-long series of talks, learning...
Cloud Computing Career Jobs
Cloud Career

Entry Level Cloud Computing Jobs – Roles and Responsibilities

If you're an individual interested in pursuing a career as a cloud computing professional - this article will inform you...
Amazon RDS
Amazon Web Services

What is RDS?

Databases can be applied to many different use cases and can be a part of numerous applications launched on AWS....
Amazon EC2
Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon EC2?

The way Amazon EC2 works and how it can be implemented in place of traditional on-premises compute highlights why the...
Amazon S3 explained
Amazon Web Services

What is AWS S3?

This AWS storage service is correctly called Amazon S3, but most people search for AWS S3 hence the title. There...
AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services

What is AWS Lambda?

When it comes to compute options in AWS - the choices are seemingly endless. AWS Lambda is one of the...
AWS Technical Account Manager Job Description
Cloud Career

What is an AWS TAM?

In the modern world of Cloud Computing, there are a number of different roles, which are suited to a number...
Failed AWS Exam - what to do next
AWS Certification

Failed your AWS certification exam?

Passing your AWS certification exam is a huge accomplishment, but it does not come without its challenges. If you failed...