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AWS SysOps Exam
AWS Certification

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Exam – How Hard is it?

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification has a reputation for being the hardest of the associate-level certifications in Amazon...
AWS Solutions Architect Role
Cloud Career

How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect

We all know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the real deal in the cloud computing arena. In fact, AWS...
AWS CLoud Architecture
Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Architecture?

With the adoption of cloud computing systems gaining popularity, understanding what is cloud architecture is becoming an important career skill...
Tips on how to pass AWS Exam
AWS Certification

AWS Study tips for passing AWS Certification Exams

Keen to get AWS certified and pass your exam the first time? Then these AWS study tips for passing AWS...
Programming Languages Cloud Computing
Cloud Career

The Best Programming Languages for Cloud Computing

If you’re embarking on a career in cloud, you may be wondering what the best programming languages for cloud computing...
Cloud Computing explained
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Concepts You Should Know

Cloud computing concepts can be tough to get your head around. There are lots of acronyms and terms relating to...
How to get AWS Certified?
AWS Certification

How to get your Amazon AWS Certification in 5 Simple Steps

Amazon AWS Certification is in huge demand with employers. Without a doubt, Amazon Web Services is the leader in cloud...
AWS IP Ranges for your Amazon VPC
AWS Tutorials

AWS IP Ranges for your Amazon VPC

When setting up your custom Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs) you'll need to specify the AWS IP ranges for your...
Pass your AWS Certification
AWS Certification

7 AWS Online Training Resources that will help you pass your AWS Certification

If you’re planning to kick-start your cloud computing career and earn your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or AWS Certified Solutions...
Cloud Computing Use Cases
Cloud Computing

9 Common Uses of Cloud Computing

There are many uses of cloud computing that can offer significant business advantages to companies. Cloud computing is a computing...
AWS Exam Dumps
AWS Certification

Why you should avoid AWS Exam Dumps

There are a few questions that I get asked repeatedly. Are your AWS practice exam questions from the exam? Where...
AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam
AWS Certification

AWS Developer Associate Exam – What to Expect

The AWS Developer Associate exam is one of three AWS certifications at the associate level. This certification is geared towards...
How to pass your AWS Certification exam
AWS Certification

How to NOT fail your AWS Certification exam

If you're a life-long learner like me, this is an amazing time to be alive. We have unprecedented access to...
How to take AWS Exam from home
AWS Certification

Take ANY AWS Certification Exam from Home

AWS have recently announced additional support for those affected by exam center closures caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. You...
AWS Developer Associate Certification
AWS Certification

AWS Developer Associate Exam – My Experience, Feedback and Tips

A couple of weeks ago I passed the AWS Certified Developer Associate (DVA-C01) exam on my first attempt. This was...
AWS Certification Exam Home
AWS Certification

Take Your AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam from Home

How awesome is this? You can now take your AWS Cloud Practitioner exam from home. I've been working in IT...
AWS Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Deployment Models – Public, Private & Hybrid

Cloud Computing services may be delivered on-premises, or in public clouds. This article discusses the various cloud computing deployment models...
AWS Cloud Computing Service Models
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Service Models – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS - you've probably seen the acronyms for these cloud computing service models bounded around a lot...
AWS Cloud Computing Legacy IT
Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud vs Legacy IT

Most organizations use many forms of cloud computing today. But what is cloud computing and what are the benefits for...
AWS Cloud
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basics – Serverless

A basic understanding of serverless cloud computing is becoming increasingly important as this technology has evolved and matured in recent years...
Cloud Computing Network
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basics – Network

In modern networking, network functions are increasingly becoming abstracted from the underlying switching and routing hardware layer. These virtualized resources...
AWS Cloud
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basics – Storage

In cloud computing, cloud storage is a service offering with which a consumer is able to read and write data...
AWS Cloud
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Basics – Compute

Along with storage and networking, compute is one of the key foundational building blocks of the cloud computing infrastructure layer....