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Navigating the path to AWS certification is an exciting journey for anyone in the tech field. As cloud technologies increasingly transform the industry, AWS certifications are becoming a significant mark of expertise and a gateway to new opportunities. However, the cost of certification exams can be a hurdle. The good news is, AWS offers various certification exam discounts, making these crucial credentials more accessible to a broader audience. This guide explores several discount options available.

Understanding AWS Certification

AWS certifications validate and recognize your cloud expertise, ranging from foundational knowledge to specialized skills. These certifications are not just accolades; they are a testament to your commitment and proficiency in one of the most in-demand areas in technology.

Before we discuss the discount options, here’s a brief overview of a few of the most important AWS certifications available:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:

  • Provides a fundamental understanding of AWS cloud.
  • Ideal for individuals seeking an overall comprehension of AWS cloud services and architecture.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate:

  • Focuses on designing distributed systems on AWS.
  • Ideal for those with some experience in designing cloud infrastructure.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate:

  • Centers on developing and maintaining AWS-based applications.
  • Suitable for software developers with some AWS experience.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate:

  • Targets those involved in managing and operating systems on AWS.
  • Best for system administrators with experience in AWS deployment and management.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional:

  • Advanced level, building on the Associate certification.
  • Involves complex solutions with a focus on cost optimization and network design.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional:

  • Combines aspects of development and operations.
  • Ideal for those experienced in provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments.

Comprehensive Guide to AWS Certification Discounts

1. 50% Off Your Next Exam – A Reward for Continuous Learning

One of AWS’s most attractive offers is the “50% Off Your Next Exam” discount. This benefit is available to those who have already cleared an AWS certification exam. It’s designed to encourage ongoing learning and skill development. Upon passing an exam, you receive a 50% discount voucher for your next exam, applicable to either recertification or a new certification. This opportunity is a fantastic incentive for continuous learning in the AWS ecosystem.

2. AWS Certification Student Discount

Students can benefit from special pricing through the AWS certification student discount. This initiative underlines AWS’ commitment to making learning and certification accessible to the next generation of cloud professionals. Eligibility typically requires verification of enrollment in an educational institution.

3. AWS Training and Certification Discounts

Regular promotional discounts are offered on AWS training and certification programs. It’s worth keeping an eye on the AWS Training and Certification website for updates on these promotions, which may include exam fee discounts or bundled offers.

4. AWS Certification Vouchers

Vouchers are a popular way to save on AWS certification exams. These can be obtained through:

  • Employer Programs: Some workplaces offer vouchers as part of professional development initiatives.
  • Training Providers: Authorized AWS training providers may include vouchers with their courses.
  • AWS Events: Attendance at certain AWS events and conferences can lead to voucher opportunities.

5. AWS Partner Network (APN) Benefits

APN members enjoy benefits including discounts on certification exams. This is a significant advantage for organizations within the APN to enhance their team’s AWS skills.

6. Special Programs for Educational Institutions and Nonprofits

Through collaborations with educational institutions and nonprofits, AWS offers special pricing and discount programs, including on certification exams.

7. AWS Free Tier and Credits

While indirectly related to certification exams, the AWS Free Tier and available credits offer hands-on experience with AWS services at no cost, an excellent way to prepare for certification exams.

Maximizing Your AWS Certification Discount

With various discount options available, it’s essential to plan your certification journey strategically. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or part of a larger organization, these discounts can significantly reduce the financial barrier to AWS certification.


AWS certifications are a valuable asset in the tech world, and their acquisition should be accessible. The range of discounts available, including the substantial “50% Off Your Next Exam” offer, demonstrates AWS’s commitment to supporting ongoing professional development in cloud technologies. As you embark on or continue your AWS journey, keep these discounts in mind. Remember, the true value lies in the knowledge and skills acquired, paving the way for a promising career in the cloud technology sphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you combine different discount offers when scheduling an AWS certification exam?

You cannot stack different discount offers for AWS certification exams. Each discount offer can only be used on its own.

How often does AWS update or change their discount programs for certification exams?

AWS updates their discount programs periodically, but there’s no set schedule for these updates. It’s best to check their official website or trusted sources for the latest information.

Are there any country-specific discounts or offers available for AWS certification exams?

There are country-specific discounts available for AWS certification exams. For example, AWS summit events in Europe have offered significant discounts for attendees.

If you fail an exam, do any of the discount offers apply to retake the exam?

If you fail an AWS certification exam, you generally need to pay the full fee to retake it. However, AWS provides a 50% discount voucher for your next exam after you pass any of their exams. This discount can be used for a future certification attempt.

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