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In July 2023, AWS introduced a new version of the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam, which is designed to test candidates’ ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge about securing the AWS platform. This new version, known as the SCS-C02, replaces the previous SCS-C01 version of the exam.

In this article, we’ll break down the changes and discuss what is covered in the new exam and provide tips on how to best prepare for success.

I. Quick Facts

What’s happening? – The SCS-C01 exam is replaced by the SCS-C02 exam.

When is this taking place? – The last day to take the current exam was July 10th, 2023, and the first day to take the new exam is July 11th, 2023.

What’s the difference? – The new exam features some new AWS services and features.

II. Exam Changes

The new AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is designed to test candidates’ abilities in areas such as threat detection and incident response, security logging and monitoring, identity and access management, and data protection. The exam has been updated with a new knowledge domain covering management and security governance.

The tables below detail the differences between the SCS-C01 and SCS-C02 exams domains and weightings. Each domain represents a different area of expertise and requires a different set of skills and knowledge.



Exam %

Domain 1: Threat Detection and Incident Response


Domain 2: Security Logging and Monitoring


Domain 3: Infrastructure Security


Domain 4: Identity and Access Management


Domain 5: Data Protection


Domain 6: Management and Security Governance




Exam %

Domain 1: Incident Response


Domain 2: Logging and Monitoring


Domain 3: Infrastructure Security


Domain 4: Identity and Access Management


Domain 5: Data Protection


As questions from this new domain make up 14% of the exam questions, most of the other knowledge domains now have a smaller percentage of the exam questions, with the exception of the Threat Detection and Incident Response domain seeing a minor increase.

Network analysis tools, SSH and RDP, Signature Version 4, and TLS are no longer counted amongst the key tools, technologies, and concepts possibly covered by the exam, although secure remote access has been added. Among AWS services and features the only addition is the Network Access Analyzer feature.

Stay up-to-date with AWS Certified Security Specialty: Watch the video on the latest SCS-C02 exam update

III. Exam Structure

The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is a multiple-choice, multiple-response test that consists of 65 questions. Of those questions, only fifty will be graded. The remaining 15 questions will be used to gather data when considering making additions to the exam pool. However, you will have no indication as to which questions are graded or ungraded.

Candidates will have 170 minutes to complete the exam, and a passing score is 750 out of 1000.

IV. Preparation Tips

To prepare for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam, candidates should have a strong understanding of the AWS platform and its services, as well as experience in designing and implementing security solutions. Candidates are presumed to have a minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience in securing AWS workloads.

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V. Conclusion

The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is an important certification for cloud security specialists looking to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the field. The new SCS-C02 version of the exam reflects the latest changes in the AWS platform and in cloud security strategies.

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