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New AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam 2023

AWS recently announced a new version of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, which is designed to test candidates’ ability to understand and explain at a fundamental level:

In this article, we’ll break down the changes and discuss what is covered in the new exam in line with the official exam guide and provide tips on how to best prepare for success.

Quick Facts

What’s happening? – The CLF-C01 exam is being replaced by the CLF-C02 exam.

When is this taking place? – The last day to take the current exam is September 18th, 2023, and the first day to take the new exam is September 19, 2023. Registration for the new exam version opens on August 22nd.

What’s the difference? – The new exam features new AWS services and features.

Exam Structure

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is a multiple-choice, multiple-response test that consists of 65 questions. Of those 65 questions, only 50 will be graded. The remaining 15 questions will be used to gather data when considering making additions to the exam pool. However, you will have no indication as to which questions are graded or ungraded.

Candidates will have 90 minutes to complete the exam, and the passing score is 700 out of 1000. The exam costs $100 USD.

Click the image above to watch our video on the latest CLF-C02 exam updates from our youtube channel

Exam Changes

The new AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is designed to test candidates’ abilities in areas such as threat detection and incident response, security logging and monitoring, identity and access management, and data protection.

The tables below detail the differences between the CLF-C01 and CLF-C02 exams domains and question weights. Each domain represents a different area of expertise and requires a different set of skills and knowledge.

The new version of the exam sees a 5% increase in questions from the Security and Compliance domain and a 1% increase in questions about Cloud Technology and Services. The Cloud Concepts domain is reduced by 2%, and Billing, Pricing, and Support falls by 4%. Job tasks related to “Migration” and “Business applications” are no longer out-of-scope in this version of the exam.

Several changes and additions have been incorporated into the new version of the exam. Among the major changes you will find:

  • “Migration” and “Business applications” are no longer out-of-scope
  • While Cloud Design principles were covered in exam CLF-C01, the exam guide for CLF-C02 suggests that there will be more emphasis on understanding those principles from the context of the AWS Well Architected Framework.

Students must now understand/have knowledge of:

  • The benefits of and strategies for migration to the AWS Cloud, AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, and appropriate migration strategies
  • AWS IAM Identity Center, credential storage, and types of identity management.
  • AWS Wavelength Zones and AWS Local Zones
  • Database migration, memory-based databases, and database migration tools
  • Edge services (ie. CloudFront and Global Accelerator)
  • Use cases for storage classes, lifecycle policies, and AWS Backup
  • AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) services and analytics services and the tasks they perform.
  • Services from other in-scope AWS service categories.
  • Billing/pricing for data transfer and storage tiers
  • Knowledge of AWS Billing Conductor and the AWS Health Dashboard

Remember that this exam is focused on general concept knowledge of AWS services and the general functionality they provide. Students are not expected to know how to design an architecture using these services, their implementation, nor to troubleshoot service issues.


There are no prerequisites to take any AWS certification exam. Meanwhile, AWS recommend that candidates should have up to 6 months of exposure to AWS Cloud design, implementation, and/or operations – along with a knowledge of AWS Cloud concepts, Security and compliance in the AWS Cloud, Core AWS services, and Economics of the AWS Cloud.

But don’t fret! With the hands-on training from Digital Cloud Training, you have everything you need to successfully earn your AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, regardless of your prior knowledge. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in learning about AWS, even if you’re starting from scratch.

How to best Prepare for the Exam

With our up-to-date training from digital cloud training, you’ll be fully prepared for the CLF-C02 exam. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone interested in diving into the world of AWS.

We offer two fantastic options to get you started. You can choose our popular on-demand training, which gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Alternatively, you can sign up for our cloud mastery bootcamp with live training and dedicated support, where you’ll immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment. Whichever option you choose, our training will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take the new exam to keep my current certification up to date?

No. AWS certifications are valid for three years from the date you passed the certification exam. You do not need to retake the exam just because it’s a new version.

Will Digital Cloud Training update their Cloud Practitioner training resources?

Yes. Digital Cloud Training will be keeping all AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training resources current, adding lessons detailing the new exam content to our platform by the exam release date. With our CCP training the students will be fully prepared to take the new exam.

Will there be a hands-on lab component of the exam?

No. Only multiple-choice (with only one correct answer) and multiple-selection (with more than one correct answer) questions will appear on the exam.

Do I need to re-purchase the CCP course from Digital Cloud Training to access the new content?

No. Provided you have an active subscription, you will have access to any new course content as soon as it is available on the Digital Cloud Training platform.


The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is an important certification for candidates who are from non-IT backgrounds. Candidates might be in the early stages of pursuing an AWS Cloud career or might work in AWS Cloud roles.

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