AWS Backup

Amazon AWS Backup Services

AWS Backup provides centralized and automated data protection.

Works across AWS services and hybrid workloads.

Helps to support regulatory compliance and business policies for data protection.

Integrates with AWS Organizations for central deployment of data protection policies.

Configure, manage, and govern backup activities across AWS accounts and resources.

AWS Backup can protect many AWS resources including:

  • Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Amazon EBS volumes.
  • Amazon RDS databases.
  • Amazon DynamoDB tables.
  • Amazon Neptune databases.
  • Amazon DocumentDB databases.
  • Amazon EFS file systems.
  • Amazon FSx for Lustre and Windows File Server file systems.
  • AWS Storage Gateway volumes.
  • VMware workloads on-premises and in VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Amazon S3 buckets.

AWS Backup can be used to copy backups across multiple AWS services to different Regions.

Cross-Region backup copies can be deployed manually or automatically using scheduling.

Cross-account backup can also be configured for accounts within an AWS Organization.

Policy-based Backup

With AWS Backup, you can create backup policies called backup plans.

Backup plans are used to define backup requirements.

Backup plans are then applied to the AWS resources you want to back up.

You can create separate backup plans that meet specific business and regulatory compliance requirements.

Backup plans make it easy to implement your backup strategy across your organization and across your applications.

Tag-based Backup Policies

AWS Backup allows you to apply backup plans to your AWS resources by simply tagging them.

Ensure that all your AWS resources are backed up and protected according to your strategy.

AWS tags are a great way to organize and classify your AWS resources.

Integration with AWS tags enables you to quickly apply a backup plan to a group of AWS resources so that they are backed up in a consistent and compliant manner.

Automated Backup Scheduling

AWS Backup allows you to create backup schedules that you can customize to meet your business and regulatory backup requirements.

You can also choose from predefined backup schedules based on common best practices.

AWS Backup will automatically back up your AWS resources according to the policies and schedules you define.

A backup schedule includes the backup start time, backup frequency, and backup window.

Automated Retention Management

You can configure backup retention policies that automatically retain and expire backups according to business and regulatory compliance requirements.

Automated backup retention management minimizes backup storage costs by retaining backups only if they are needed.

AWS Backup Vault Lock

AWS Backup Vault Lock allows you to protect your backups from deletion or changes to their lifecycle by inadvertent or malicious changes.

You can use the AWS CLI, AWS Backup API, or AWS Backup SDK to apply the AWS Backup Vault Lock protection to an existing vault or a new one.

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