AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Practice Exams

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6 Practice Exams with 65 questions each (total of 390 Questions) in both Simulation Mode and Training Mode + Knowledge Reviews + Access to our Final Exam Simulator (Pool of +500 Questions)

6 sets of Practice Exams (with 65 questions each) in simulation mode, training mode along with knowledge reviews and access to our Final Exam Simulator with a pool of over 500 Practice Questions that are timed and scored.

  • Simulation mode: You complete the entire exam (answering 65 questions) before you are able to check your score and review answers and explanations. The number of questions, time limit, and pass mark are the same as the real AWS exam
  • Training mode: You are shown the answer and explanation for every question after clicking “check”. Upon completion of the exam, the score report shows your overall score and performance in each knowledge area.
  • Knowledge reviews: Collection of practice questions (from a pool of over 500 questions) for a specific knowledge area. Having completed a practice exam (in simulation or training mode), you can use the score report to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then use the knowledge reviews to focus your efforts where they’re needed most.

Each exam includes questions from the five domains of the AWS exam blueprint. All practice questions are also available in the knowledge reviews where they are split into more than 15 categories for focussed training.

3587 reviews for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Practice Exams

  1. Joon Hwa Tan

  2. Shubhangi Kalore

  3. Niall McCarthy

    I’ve just passed my CSAA exam using this course and the practical hands on labs course. This course is an absolute must for anyone sitting this exam. The question format on the real exam is tough, and really tests and confuses candidates. This course gave loads of practice, and teaches you to slowly evaluate answers, and learn to eliminate incorrect ones effectively. I can’t recommend this enough.

    Thank you Neal!

  4. Luat Khac Do

    Took the test 2 days ago. Around 5-7 questions are exactly the same on the test. In short, if your objective is just to have the certification:
    – Take a course of video online training: in my case, I use cloudacademy.
    – Take the Practice Exams > Review and take notes on key points of each services > You need to know the key concepts differences between core services like (in order) Compute, Storage, Network, Database, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, ELB, Auto Scaling, etc.
    – Re-take the exams until you get at least 70%.

  5. Matteo Formica

  6. Soumya Paul

  7. Anders Nilsson

    Good examples and gives you plenty of realistic material to practice on

  8. Vasudeva Nayak Kukkundoor

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