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How to Become an AWS Solutions Architect

We all know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the real deal in the cloud computing arena. In fact, AWS is the justified leader in the cloud space thanks to its amazing server capacity and the robust scalability and security it brings to the companies that use it.

With both small and large enterprises embracing AWS, there has been a drastic demand for certified and skilled AWS Solutions Architects. Taking this career path is one of the wisest decisions you can make. It is highly lucrative, and as long as you take your AWS certification path seriously, your chances of working in multinational organizations and advancing your career even further are high.

Whether you are looking to enhance your IT career or you’re a career beginner, below is a comprehensive guide on how to become an AWS Solutions Architect. Read on!

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First…Who is an AWS Solutions Architect?

Before we move further into the details of how to become an AWS Solutions Architect, it is critical to understand who an AWS Solutions Architect is. Basically, this is a professional who is responsible for designing and deploying business applications and infrastructure in the AWS cloud. The expert is also responsible for:

  • Connecting business objectives to technology-enabled outcomes
  • Creating advanced cloud-based solutions and transferring current workloads to the cloud
  • Safeguarding an organization from application and software downtime risks, circulation errors, breaches and more
  • Using Amazon’s best practices to plan, design and scale AWS cloud implementation

How do I become an AWS Solutions Architect?

Even if you are the best IT guy in today’s market, you don’t just wake up one day and decide to become an AWS Solutions Architect. There is a defined roadmap you need to follow as outlined below:

1. Join a suitable Training Platform

Digital Cloud Training is one thing you cannot ignore if you want to become a skilled AWS Solutions Architect. There are tons of platforms you can join and take your AWS certification course. However, if you want to gain the best skills and knowledge by acing certification exams, it is highly recommended that you join a high-quality training program. An ideal training platform will not only prepare you for exams, but will also give you the job-ready skills you need to stand out from the competition.

You can find the best platforms in a number of ways, including:

  • Research online: You can find a great platform to undertake your AWS Solutions Architect certification course by doing research and finding recommendations from reliable sources. Choose the platform that enjoys the best reviews and ratings from previous clients and experts in the field.
  • Ask for recommendations: Do you have friends or people in your network who have landed AWS Solutions Architect jobs, or are currently taking an AWS certification course? If you don’t, join AWS related groups such as the AWS Certification QA Group on Facebook, AWS Certification & Training Group on LinkedIn and Slack Channel (run by Digital Cloud Training). You don’t need to spend hours on end, trying to find the best platforms to undertake your course. Engage other learners during your conversations and request for a referral. However, do your due diligence about the platform you have been referred to and ensure you go for the best.
  • Get recommendations from a cloud training expert: Connect with a cloud training expert on LinkedIn and other social media platforms and request them to give you recommendations. Even though some will not respond to your request, you might be surprised by the assistance you may get.

Regardless of the platform you choose to join, make sure that it:

  • Provides in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced AWS concepts that will help you pass your certification exam
  • Includes hands-on practical exercises that will prepare you for the job market
  • Offers an active community of AWS learners that may become your study buddies

Some platforms and training providers offer scheduled training classes but you may be better off with on-demand, online training modules to shape your AWS certification path. The contents of on-demand modules are similar to those you will find in accredited training platforms but they are often much cheaper and allow you to study when and where it suits you.

2. Pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level Exam

Every effort you make when taking your training should be geared towards helping you pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level Exam because you will not become a certified AWS Solutions Architect without it. This exam is critical and speaks volumes about you and what you can do once you start applying for AWS Solutions Architect jobs. Acing the exam will reflect your knowledge and understanding of AWS Cloud Architecture – and increase your chances of getting your dream job in the company of your choice.

3. Take up Solutions Architect Projects

For most people, the next thing to do after passing the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Level exam is to apply for jobs. However, it is highly advisable to work on different industry projects before you do so. This way, you will be able to apply and test your understanding and gain the confidence you need to face the job market. If you’re not able to do this in your current role, look for opportunities to volunteer or create your own projects to showcase to potential employers.

Working on such projects will also help you build a solid portfolio for a dedicated job. This way, you will walk into the job market with a blend of certification and work experience – and this will give you an edge over other candidates in your caliber.

What Other Skills are required in AWS Architect Jobs?

Apart from certification, there are a plethora of other skills candidates applying for AWS Solutions Architect jobs are required to have. They include:

Communication Skills

Communicating with clients and sales teams is an integral part of the job of an AWS Solutions Architect. Therefore, you should depict strong interpersonal skills in your verbal and non-verbal communication if you want to succeed in your job.

Problem-Solving Skills

One of the main responsibilities of an AWS Solutions Architect is to address business and customer needs by solving complex problems that arise on a daily basis. Having problem-solving skills will showcase your worth in an organization, and this will help you advance your career in no time.

Adaptability Skills

Every day, AWS Solutions Architects are faced with varied tasks. Sometimes, they have lengthy meetings with customers, work on migrations, and write scripts. At other times, they troubleshoot problems and work with different operating systems. Adaptability is a critical role-specific skill you need to land AWS certification jobs.

Time Management Skills

Thanks to the diversity of skills given to AWS Solutions Architects, time management is one of the most important skills they must have. Aspiring candidates in this industry must display different time management skills, such as task prioritization and day-planning.

Staying Current

Just like any other technology, AWS is constantly changing. Therefore, those applying for AWS Solutions Architect jobs should not just rely on the skills and knowledge they got when doing their AWS certification courses. They need to do research and stay in the loop with key events in the industry. Even when you land the job of your dreams, always do additional training and research to ensure you are current with important industry changes.

Do I need to Code to get a job as an AWS Architect?

Now that you understand what you need to become an AWS Solutions Architect, one of the overarching questions in your mind is whether you need to code to land a job as an AWS Solutions Architect. Well, for a fact, programming and coding are not prerequisite requirements for becoming an AWS Solutions Architect. Nonetheless, having some knowledge of at least one language can go a long way in ensuring you solve technical challenges that come when developing and deploying apps to the cloud. Therefore, learn to code even though it is not mandatory!

Job opportunities in AWS are growing at alarming rates. AWS has the largest market share in the cloud market, and making a career out of it after following a comprehensive training program is a great choice. With AWS solutions jobs up for grabs every day, use this article as a guide and become an expert who can help organizations customize and secure their solutions needs. Best of luck!

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