AWS Cloud Practitioner Bootcamp

AWS Cloud Practitioner Bootcamp

Live expert instruction with real-world hands-on projects – fully preparing you for your next AWS certification exam and getting you job ready!

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Why sign up for our AWS Bootcamps?

Thousands of people become AWS certified every month but without real-world experience it can be tough to land a job in a highly competitive market.

The AWS bootcamps go beyond certification and teach you real-world AWS skills. We also teach you how to build your personal brand so you get noticed by employers.

Don’t just be another resume in a cluttered inbox; learn how you can get noticed by employers and have them reaching out to you with offers.

We know that even the most active learners benefit from having direct access to instructors. That’s why we’re launching live online Bootcamps that give you the opportunity to ask your own, personal questions.

Learn alongside other students who are starting from the same place and going on the same journey as you. You’ll learn and work in teams to develop your knowledge and practical skills with AWS.

Many people purchase training courses but don’t complete them and don’t end up getting certified. We want to help you succeed, and this program will keep you accountable to your own goals. Working within definite timeframes with instructor support is the best way to ensure you complete your learning and get AWS certified.

This program goes above and beyond just getting AWS certified. You’ll also learn real-world skills to prepare you for interviews and working in the industry. During the bootcamp, you’ll spend lots of time working hands-on in the AWS Management Console. In the live sessions, you’ll work with other students on real-world projects that simulate the work you’ll undertake as an AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Online learning can be lonely and sometimes it’s hard to find the support and accountability you need to continue learning and achieve your goals. Through this program, you’ll join a small group of like-minded individuals who are all on the same path to enriching their lives.

The Bootcamp includes many live sessions where you’ll receive instruction from AWS experts from the comfort of your own home.

Why Digital Cloud Training​

Awarded with the ‘2022 Global Excellence Awards’ as the ‘Best AWS Training and Certification Services Provider 2022’, we pride ourselves in getting our students ready for their next-level cloud job. 

Our hands-on training helps our students develop job-ready skills required to propel their cloud careers. 

Over 500,000 Digital Cloud Training students have successfully passed their AWS Certification exams with an average pass rate of above 90%. Their satisfaction is reflected in our high ratings of 4.7 (out of 5) across google, udemy and amazon. 

With Digital Cloud Training, you get access to cloud experts who support you on your AWS Certification journey and help you elevate your career through achieving highly valuable certifications. Join the AWS Community of over 500,000 happy students that are currently enrolled in Digital Cloud Training courses.

AWS Neal Davis Instructor

Neal Davis

Founder, IT Instructor and
AWS Solution Architect

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