AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Offline Training Notes

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These offline Training Notes contain over 200 pages of detailed exam-specific information for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – everything you need to know to fast-track your AWS exam success.

Take your studies offline with these ultimate cheat sheets for the AWS exam. This no. 1 bestselling eBook encompasses detailed facts, tables, and diagrams – everything you need to know to fast-track your AWS exam success.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Offline Training Notes are a downloadable PDF file containing over 200 pages of detailed exam-specific training notes for the CLF- C01 exam. All the information you need to pass the exam first time in one place!

A great resource for diving deep into each AWS service covered on the exam which saves you from needing to browse hundreds of AWS FAQ pages and sort through all the information you don’t need for this exam.

7 reviews for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Offline Training Notes

  1. Carla

    I used this book as my primary study guide for passing Cloud Practitioner.

  2. Rick

    Overall, I found these Training Notes to be extremely informative. It is easy to follow along with and does an excellent job of clearly explaining key services and concepts.

  3. Jorien

    As a lot of companies are doing these days, our company is moving everything into the cloud.

    In our case this ended up being the Amazon Cloud, and being part of an IT department our manager asked everyone to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exams just so everyone has a general understanding of it all.

    When the first few started studying for it, by watching and reading along to the instructional videos the AWS training website offers, the first complaints started about it being mostly tedious and mind-numbing.

    So we decided to find a better, easier way to study for the exam and ended up purchasing these Training Notes for the whole department.

    So far we have yet to encounter the first one to fail the exams after reading the Training Notes and I have zero doubt soon we all will be official Cloud Practitioners.

  4. Will

    Before getting AWS CERTIFIED Cloud Practioner 2019 Training Notes, I read all of the AWS-provided material and felt pretty good about understanding the content. But just as insurance I ordered the Training Notes by Neal Davis, and I am glad that I did. The AWS system is designed to attract the lay person to be able to get up to speed with AWS quickly and be productive . And I think that anyone can have this as a realistic goal. But the exam questions are like many exams, designed to search out and test minor details in the body of knowledge. These training notes are almost like notes that you would take yourself, capturing the key information, more significantly the key testable information and having that information assembled in a way that encapsulates the service, tool, or concept that AWS has advanced with their cloud computing service. I haven’t taken the exam yet. But I feel that giving myself this added preparation is money well spent.

  5. Grace

    I was trying to read AWS articles/whitepapers; not easy to weed out the required elements. This book was very useful as it provided notes against the each service and concept required for exam. I took a practice exam after reading this book and scored 80%. Highly recommend for anyone struggling with information overload.

  6. Alejandro

    This one is great if you want to prepare, take and pass the test in 1 week.
    You would need the practice tests too though.

  7. John

    I passed the exam on my first try. The Training Notes were excellent preparation.

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