AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Training Package

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6 Practice Exams with 65 questions each (390 Questions) in both Simulation Mode and Training Mode + Knowledge Reviews (500 Questions)

The training package includes 6 sets of practice exams (total of 390 questions) in simulation mode and training mode along with knowledge reviews.

  • Simulation mode: This AWS exam simulator requires you to complete the entire exam (answering 65 questions) before you are able to check your score, review answers and see explanations.
  • Training mode: You are shown the answer and explanation for every question after clicking “check”. Upon completion of the exam, the score report shows your overall score and performance in each knowledge area.
  • Knowledge reviews: Collection of practice questions (from a pool of over 500 questions) for a specific knowledge area. Having completed a practice exam (in simulation or training mode), you can use the score report to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then use the knowledge reviews to focus your efforts where they’re needed most.

Each exam includes questions from the five domains of the AWS exam blueprint. All practice questions are also available in the knowledge reviews where they are split into more than 15 categories for focussed training.

1737 reviews for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Training Package

  1. Rasesh A

    I’ve used different practice exams and this one most prepared me best AND is closest to the real deal. The detailed answers and links for associated reading are the best part of these tests. They not only help for the exam, but also for a detailed understanding of the subject.
    Also, the explanations of the questions, why the answer is right or wrong were really helpful.

  2. Raj

    Just passed the exam with a surprisingly good score and found that these practice exams were very helpful. I tried some other courses too but these questions were most similar to the AWS exam and the free theory notes on the website were invaluable. Cheers guys.

  3. Parkdonghyun

  4. Christiane Wolf

    These are by far the best quality practice questions I’ve come across. Excellent scenario-based questions that mirror real exam question with detailed explanations and reference links. Definitely a great way to prepare for the exam!
    I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to get AWS Architect Certification.

  5. Tyrone

    These questions were a great help to me in studying for the exam and I actually found the exam quite easy in the end. Highly recommended. Thanks!

  6. Paul T

    Very useful prep for the exam. The list of facts in the explanation section really helps with understanding the rationale behind the answer. Lots of good scenario based questions that are similar to the real exam.

  7. David Owens

    Great questions, challenging but very good preparation for the actual exam.

  8. David Owens

    Great questions, challenging but very good preparation for the actual exam.

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