AWS Solutions Architect Sample Exam

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Sample Exam

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AWS Training for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Digital Cloud Training offers AWS Training in the form of video courses, practice exams and training guides. These AWS Solution Architect sample practice tests are created for the AWS Solution Architect Associate level certification and may also be used as additional preparation for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam.

Our full set includes 6 practice exams with over 500 unique questions for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. We also offer multiple modes for exam simulation, training, and deep-dive knowledge reviews. Enrol here to get access to the full set of practice questions!

AWS architect certification is well regarded in the industry and the scenario-based questions in the exam can be quite complex and challenging. These practice questions have been written to follow the exam blueprint and match the difficulty of the real exam so you can turn up well prepared.

The questions are presented in simulation mode which means the number of questions, time limit, and pass mark are the same as the real AWS exam.

In simulation mode you must complete the exam before you are able to check your score and review answers and explanations. The AWS Solution Architect Associate exam is 100% scenario-based and our questions match this format to ensure you’re prepared for the real thing.

The exam is configured with the following settings:

  • 65 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions
  • Time limit of 130 minutes
  • Pass mark of 70%

At the end of the exam, you will be presented with an overall score with a pass/fail message and a breakdown of results for each knowledge area category.

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