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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Exams (training mode)

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Practice Exams – Training Mode

In training mode you are able to check each answer and explanation as you go through the practice exam. This is a great way to progress your AWS Cloud Practitioner Training. There is no time limit on these exams to encourage you to take your time and learn.

There are 6 practice exams and each exam includes questions from the five domains of the AWS exam blueprint. Each exam includes:

  • 65 multiple-choice and multiple-response questions
  • No time limit
  • Pass mark of 70%

Upon completion you will receive a score report showing your performance in each knowledge area category. Our AWS practice exam answers all have detailed explanations, please read to deepen your understanding.

NOTE: if you need to restart the exam, or refresh your browser, you will be taken back to the beginning but all answers previously submitted will remembered. However, as the AWS questions and answers are randomized each time you take the exam, the order may be different.

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