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For the best learning experience, you’ll have access to our broad range of on-demand training – ranging from video courses, practice exams to ebooks for offline study.

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Unlimited Access to on-demand training

Gain unlimited access to ALL of our on-demand cloud training – with early access to new courses

Whether you’re completely new to cloud computing or a highly experienced Pro – you’ll have everything you need to pass your next AWS certification exam with flying colors and excel in your cloud career. Our on-demand training is designed to help you build in-depth knowledge and a practical skill-set. Follow along with the practical hands-on exercises and learn how to architect and build applications on Amazon Web Services. 

For the best learning experience, you’ll have access to our broad range of training options.

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Learn the theory and deepen your understanding of the underlying concepts. All lectures are backed by high-quality logical diagrams so you can visualize what you are building.

Learn advanced topics and develop a strong, practical understanding that you can use in your job.

With our guided exercises, you’ll develop a strong experience-based skillset on AWS.

These fast-paced slide lectures are perfect for quick revision of the most important facts before you sit your exam.

Our study plan will guide you on how to best  prepare for your AWS Certification Exam.

Get early access to new content and updates.

Test your knowledge and get familiar with the AWS examination pattern, style and difficulty.

Immediately reveal the answers and explanations for every practice question.

Mimicking the real AWS exam environment, the exam simulator has the same format, style, time limit and passing score as the real AWS exam. The best way to assess your exam readiness.

You are presented with a series of practice questions focussed on a specific topic.

Review your knowledge of important facts with questions that test your understanding and measure your progress.

Take your studies offline with our exam-specific Cheat Sheets (ebooks in PDF format). Ideal for last-minute exam cramming. 

Learning Path for AWS Cloud Certification

Get guidance on how to kick-off and navigate your AWS certification learning path

While there are no prerequisites to taking any AWS certification, there is a structure to the AWS certification learning path. It’s highly recommended following that structure to maximize your chances of success in your exams and to ensure you build a solid skillset to take into your cloud career.

There are 3 different levels of AWS certification: Foundational, Associate, and Professional. The specializations sit alongside the other certifications and focus in much more depth on particular job skills.

To help you navigate your cloud journey, we’ve put together a Free AWS Learning Path Tool. This document provides you with a high-level overview of training resources that your plans cover.

Check out the training courses below that are included in our plans to get an overview of the various resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on AWS Certifications

AWS jobs can be highly rewarding and lucrative and the job market is very competitive. Becoming AWS certified is a great way to demonstrate to employers that you have skill and competency with the AWS cloud. AWS certifications are role-based so you will learn the skills needed in specific job roles such as Solution Architects, Developers and SysOps Administrators.

There are no prerequisites at all and you can take any AWS certification exam at any time. We do recommend that you follow a learning path so you build your skills up from the foundational level, through associate, and then onto professional level certifications. This is not a requirement though and many students start at higher levels if they already have knowledge and hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services.

This depends on your current knowledge level and experience. If you’re completely new to cloud computing or you are not from a technical background you should start with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. If you have an IT background and wish to start with a more challenging certification, you may start with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

The most popular certification is the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate followed closely by the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. It’s worth noting that though these are great certifications to get there are many certified individuals already. Gaining one of the less popular certifications like the Developer Associate or SysOps Associate (or even better, the Pro level certifications) can be a good differentiator. We recommend earning all of the associate certifications as there is a lot of overlap between them.

In short, no. You can gain most AWS certifications without being competent in any programming language. However, having some coding knowledge can be useful for certifications such as the Developer Associate and DevOps Professional. In our courses, we do not assume you have any programming knowledge and supply all code samples for you to use.

This can vary from just a couple of weeks for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to a few months for some of the harder certifications like the Associate, Professional, or Specialty certifications. Study time also varies depending on how much time you allocate for study daily and your starting level of knowledge and experience. We supply study plans with each course that you can use as a basis for planning your time.

While there are lots of free AWS training resources available, the AWS certification exams are not free of charge. The cost of certification exams is different for each level:

  • Foundational level: $100 USD
  • Associate level: $150 USD
  • Professional/Specialty level: $300

If you have previously passed an AWS certification exam you get a 50% discount on the next exam. This really helps when moving up to higher-level certifications.

AWS Certifications are valid for three years. To maintain your AWS Certified status, you need to recertify in order to retain your certification.

There are a wide variety of job roles for AWS certified individuals. Those who work in non-technical roles such as managers and project managers can use AWS certifications such as the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to help them get jobs in companies that use AWS services. If you’re a Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect, Developer, DevOps Engineer, or SysOps Administrator, there’s a certification for you that will help you move into exciting cloud roles. The specialty certifications are also useful for those looking for more specialized roles such as Database Admins, Data Analysts and Security specialists.

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